The Coolest Workout Tights You Can Wear In and Out of the Gym

Super comfy and super chic!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jan 23, 2016
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Always on the hunt for new workout clothes to inspire you to break a sweat and hit the gym? Well, look no further because Nike's latest exercise tights for women is just what you need! Aside from the fact that their new tights are perfect for all your running and training needs, they're also really comfortable and perfect to wear even outside of the gym or curcuit. In fact, all you need to do is throw on a cute top and jacket and you can easily transform your look. Want to know more about these awesome new tights? Read on below.

Nike tights

  1. Nike Power Speed Tight

    Nike tights
    If you love running this pair of tights is for you! First of all these tights are so light, they'll feel like your second skin once you put them on thanks to the high-elastane DRI FIT fabric that easily stretches and adapts to your movements. And the moment you start running, you'll instantly feel enhanced compression along the hip, thigh, calf, and Achilles tendon, which will help boost your muscle control. This is highlighted by the very cool screen-printed graphic lines that are visibly seen on the tights. Plus they have a great way of flattering your legs.

  2. Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight

    Nike tights
    If you like working out at the gym or at home, or prefer mat exercises and/or lifting weights, this pair is for you! Since multiple training workouts requires a lot of different movements, these tights were designed to offer maximum support, great fit, and lots of comfort for the body while in motion. This tight really wraps your legs and body perfectly while defining muscle movement to suit every training movement. Plus the higher waistband locks in your core so you can move with ease! And it makes for a really chic pair of tights for pre, during, and post workout looks. A definite must in every athletic girl's closet.
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