The College Girl's Guide to Building a Fashion First Aid Kit

Fight any fashion blunder with these five essentials.
by Janelle Yau   |  Sep 22, 2016
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A college girl is always on the run—rushing to the library for her third group meeting for the day, running to her next class from one building to another, huryying to the photocopying area to get the 20-page reading her Philosophy professor just left, and get this, a college girl does all of these while still maintaining great style. But even the most careful college girl is not safe from common fashion blunders. To make sure that your stay in college will always be a fashionable breeze, we're listing down the five essentials you need in your fashion first aid kit to combat against common fashion faux pas.

Super glue. Whether you're rocking a beaded top, a pair of beaded flats, or toting a cute studded backpack for school today, embellished pieces are always fun to wear. While pieces with intricate ornaments are a delight, it's more vulnerable compared to your regular tops, too! Always carry a super glue in your fashion first aid kit—especially when you’re wearing beaded pieces, so in case a bead falls off, you can put it back on in a snap!


Black marker. Every college girl owns a pair of black heels for internship interviews, group defense, and even for graduation. Scratching a pair of black heels is a common fashion blunder—especially with rough pavements and even soily areas. But don't you worry because a black marker will do the trick of faking a pair of pristine black heels just in case you don't have the time to make the swap, or to have it cleaned first.

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Stain remover. Whether it's coffee spilling on your white shirt, accidental food stains, or worst, if you aren't prepared for Aunt Flo’s visit, a stain remover can quickly remove all your worries away.

Small flat iron. A flat iron does the trick of taming unwanted flyaways, but a mini flat iron can also fix wrinkled collars and hems, too.

Double-sided tape. Is your shirt too loose, or is your skirt too long? Use a double-sided tape for a quick temporary fix!


What other items do you keep in your kits in case of a major fashion blunder?

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