The 4 Things You Need for an Awesome Nail Art Sesh

These extras can help you nail it.
The 4 Things You Need for an Awesome Nail Art Sesh

Bonding with your BFFs over nail art is good, but to make it way better, you'll need some tweaks. Take your cue from the first round of the Candy Chicas School Tour 2016, held at STI Cainta last February 12. Include these in your next nail art session:


Cozy seats

Working on that nail art takes some time, so you need to sit back and relax while you're at it. Opt for floor cushions and bean bags in bold colors and prints.

A rainbow of colors

Whatever hue you want, Chic Centre has it. Just think of whatever design you fancy, because you can paint it on your digits using Chic Centre polish. 


Flatlay station

Share your work of art on social media via a lovely flatlay. Set up a table and include some props: accessories, your favorite Candy issues and books, a succulent, and a few more of your favorite things. Don't forget to include desk lamps for good lighting.

Candy Cuties

Let them keep you company while you wait. Try asking them what nail art they'd like to see on your nails (the colors of their fave NBA teams, perhaps?). Anything goes! Also, don't forget to ham it up with them after your nails dry.


Want more? Candy Chicas School Tour 2016 made Adamson University its second stop on March 9. Candy Girls were treated to free nail art, hung out with Candy Cuties for some fun and games, and scored freebies.

Don't miss out—share your own snaps and use the hashtag #CandyChicas. See you!

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Chic Centre.