Swap Your Choker For These Cheaper Alternatives

Now, you don't have to spend your week's worth of allowance for just one choker.
by Janelle Yau   |  Oct 8, 2016
Image: Pinterest Art: Clare Magno
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Chokers were all the nineties girl's rage, but even in the 2010s, it's still rocking the fashion scene like a boss! With so many brands coming out with their own version of the choker, prices can go as high as a thousand pesos and we all know that a college girl barely has enough moolah to cover for lunch, readings, trike fares already. So, if you want to rock the choker trend, but don't want to break the bank, you don't have to spend your week's worth of allowance for just one choker! We're listing down four alternatives that's fashionable, and more affordable, too!


College girl slash genius, Katie Rosebrook thought that the chokers in stores were too pricey for her college girl budget, so she got her trusty shoelace, and turned it into a choker instead! Like we said, genius right? So before you swipe your plastic for a trendy choker, why don't you give your shoelaces a shot first? 

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Ribbons are used for a lot of things—from hair accessories to gift wrapping accessories. But ribbons can be used as a more affordable alternative to a choker, too. Plus, you have so many options to choose from! From fifty shades of pink to thicker cuts, you name it! Opt for a thick ribbon with a satin finish for a sophisticated look.

Temporary Tattoo


If there's a trend that's bigger than the choker, that has got to be tattoos. Instead of committing to one expensive choker only, why not opt for cool temporary tatts instead? It's cool, rebellious, and fashionable, too!


What's cool about the neckerchief is that it's oozing with great style and versatility. You can tie it loosely around your neck for a Parisian-inspired look, or you can tie it tighter for a rugged Western getup. If you don't wanna splurge on a luxe scarf, a bandana or a hanky can do the trick.

What other things can you use as an alternative to a choker? Let’s talk fashion!

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