Summer DIY: Tie-Dye A Tee

by Sharlene Tan   |  Apr 22, 2010
photo by Jun Pinzon
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What You Need:

Item to dye (It can be a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, or even a pillowcase.)
Fabric dye in your desired color
Rubber bands or string
Rubber gloves (to protect your hands and nails from the dye)
Large basin (used to mix the dye)

What to Do:

  1. Decide what design you want. You can just twist and tie in any manner you like but if you want to create a specific design, you can read articles on the Net on tie-dyeing. For example, to create a spiral design, lay your item flat on a table and grab it at the center. Twist and coil into a tight spiral. Secure with rubber bands or string so that it can hold its shape.
  2. Prepare dye in a large basin according to manufacturer's directions. Dip your item into the prepared dye and remember to wear rubber gloves. Stir and wait as directed in the package. You can even use two colors. Just remember to start with the lightest and let the dye sit for at least a day before re-dyeing.
  3. When the dyeing process is complete, let it sit for a while before rinsing. Remove rubber bands and string and voilá! You've got a wonderfully made tie-dye project. Wash completely (under cold water) before wearing.
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