Style Files: Yuki Tansengco

Check out what Yuki makes out of things that are ready to be disposed.
  |  Apr 2, 2011
photos and captions courtesy of Yuki Tansengco
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Name: Yuki Tansengco
Age: 19
School: De La Salle University Manila
Hometown: Makati

Lola style. My style is pretty laid back. My friends would like to call it the "lola" style because according to them, my outfits look like I borrowed them from my grandmother. Haha! Comfort always wins whenever I dress up so my staples are black flats, wide-leg pants and shapeless flowy tops. To compensate for the lack of effort in dressing up, I make it a point to always accessorize to top off my outfit. I can never leave the house without wearing bangles or a shiny neckpiece.
Ukay hunting.
I was never really "brand conscious" so I really take my time to visit as much stores as I can when I go shopping. Known brands aside (like Topshop, Forever 21 and Zara), I can be usually seen wandering around dusty thrift shops! I feel like its a treasure hunt and the time you've spent in the thrift shop won't be worth it unless you've found the ONE (out of maybe hundreds of pieces) but after finding it, super rewarding! I like mixing and matching branded pieces with awesome thrift finds. People can never tell where I bought what. I find it fun making them guess whenever they ask me.
Fave fshion designer. Balmain! I can imagine myself wearing the military jacket and tattered jeans look. It looks distressed but beautiful.
Accessorized. I can never leave the house without wearing any accessories. This led me to start my own eco-friendly accessory line called "Yuki Makes Things". I upcycle things that are set to be disposed and give them a second life so I wear what I create. Bangles are my favorite pieces!
Late bloomer. No one/nothing in specific, I dress depending on my mood although I am fond of reading fashion blogs so whenever I see a look that I like, I put together pieces in my closet to somewhat re-create that look. I was never really the "fasyown" type until college (my high school friends can attest to this one) so maybe it's about time I start caring about how I look!
Style idol. I am a fan of Karla Deras (the owner of Karla's Closet). She dresses up as she pleases, occassion or no occassion and she always looks classy even in distressed Levi's.
Uniform dilemma. During the early teen years, I was never really fond of dressing up. I only appreciated it in college when I am forced to pick out an outfit every single day because we don't wear uniforms anymore. So from then on, I'd dress up according to my mood and of course, the weather since it can get really hot here in MNL.
Monochromatic. I own a lot of blacks and greys. They are very versatile and I don't really like wearing bright or neon colors because I have a theory they make me look darker, which I am avoiding. haha
Never ever! Crocs and mc hammer pants. I die.
The basics. The perfect white v-neck, a really good pair of blue jeans and a cute black dress with a full skirt.
Trend rebirth. Wide-leg pants! they're superrrr comfy, I swear!
Vintage hand-me-downs. My mom gave me this black Chanel bag with a tassel and gold embellishments. It's beautiful!


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