Style Files: Tola Orendain

Get to know this week's Cool Girl Tola Orendain's favorite things!
by Janelle Yau   |  Jun 18, 2016
Image: Michelle Wu
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This week's Cool Girl and Candy model Tola has A+ style, a quirky personality, and a gorgeous Instagram feed! Get to know more about Tola as she shares with us a few of her favorite things!

  1. Name: Tola Orendain 
  1. Nickname/s your followers might not know you go by: Some of my friends like to call me by my usernames. They either emphasize the As in my Tola just like on Instagram (Tolaaa)or call me Tolaor, my Snapchat and Twitter name. Others like to joke around and call me "Tall-ah" which I've heard a million times already. I used to think I wouldn't get nicknames anymore as my given name is already so short, but I guess people just love being creative! 
  1. Website and social media accounts (Instagram/Twitter):, Instagram: @tolaaa, Twitter: @tolaor, Snapchat: @tolaor 
  1. 3 movies that describe your style: Depending on the occasion I think I either go for classy or casual. My style ranges from Breakfast At Tiffany's to If I Stay, and even Perks of Being A Wallflower! 

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  1. Your favorite Instagram account of the moment: @collagevintage! I am so envious of how she's constantly on the go! 
  1. A place that you'd love to visit someday: A place I'd want to visit and live in even for a short while would definitely have to be London!

  1. Colors that you gravitate towards: I'm usually a monochrome person as most my clothes are black and white although I'm slowly starting to like earth tones and a certain light shade of pink now!

  1. 3 beauty must-haves: My staples have always been Bobbi Brown's bronzing powder and shimmer bricks. I've recently become obsessed with ColourPop's matte liquid lipsticks as well! 

  1. Personality/celebrity you'd love to meet: Everyone's got their own girl boss they look up to, and to me, it's Michelle Obama. I'm so impressed and curious with how she's able to raise her kids, help her husband run a country, and do all the other things she needs to do! Like how does she get everything done? It's amazing. 

  1. Style blogger you think we should definitely follow: She isn't a style blogger, but I have totally been digging Kristen Stewart's menswear outfits lately! I've always dressed a bit boyish so it's nice to be able to somewhat relate to someone with a similar style. 

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