Style Files: Pau Coherco

This Atenean fashionista gets her inspiration from society. Click here to know why.
  |  Jan 9, 2010
photos courtesy of Pau Coherco
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Name: Pau Coherco
Age: 18
School: Ateneo de Manila University
Hometown: Makati City, Philippines

Mood dresser. It depends a whole lot on my mood. I usually plan outfits the night before and tweak them a little during the day. I like mixing classic and trendy pieces, and my outfits usually stem from one key piece I'd have in mind (ex: a certain top, pair of shoes, etc.)
Shopping haven.
The usuals - H&M, Zara, Topshop, Archeology (in Rockwell), Filipino tiangges, and Spanish stores Sfera and Blanco. I check out Ebay PH too, and local department stores such as SM and Crossings (The Ramp).
Favorite fashion designer.
It changes from season to season. Now I'm into Alexander McQueen's futuristic S/S 2010 collection. The colors and textures are amazing, everything's so unique and leaves me breathless in awe. I especially love the silhouette his 12-inch claw-heels make - genius!
Always part of the outfit.
I don't really focus on just one particular style inspiration. In fact, I get inspired by the most random of things - a furniture that reminds me of a skirt I own, accessories displayed on racks that inspire me to wear something similar I have. Usually, I'd have a key piece in mind, then I'd base my whole outfit on that particular piece.
Style icons.
Rachel Bilson and Kate Moss, among others.
Society influence.
I'm not exactly sure. One day, I was this lanky teenager that contents herself with wearing just t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, and the next someone who would fuss over fashion trends and styles. Maybe it has something to do with how fashion is given more attention in our society - what with the emergence of a number of start-up brands by young entrepreneurs and the growing presence of fashion schools and courses (something that hasn't existed a decade ago). Fashion is taking over the Philippines, and I can't wait to see where this takes us 10 years from now.
Closet palette.
Neutrals. A lot of greys and blacks, and the occasional bursts of color here and there
Stylish three.
Black flats (anything black, actually), that perfect loose-but-still-chic t-shirt, and Ray-ban aviator shades.
Fashion comeback.
I believe fashion is all about comebacks. What goes around comes around fashion is a huge and creative cycle - these sort of cliches. A few things I might have considered listing down here (like animal prints and sequins) have already made their comebacks, and a lot of other things are undergoing that process.

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