This Week's Cool Girl Shares Her Biggest Shopping Splurge

Plus, more of her must-haves inside!
by Janelle Yau   |  Sep 10, 2017
Image: Patty Bernabe |
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A young fashion designer who is slowly building my own clothing brand "PATITA." Cool girl Patricia Bernabe dreams of working in New York or maybe in Paris and take over the fashion industry one clothing at a time. Get to know more about Patricia and her style choices as she shares with us her style mood board. 

  1. Name: Patricia Bernabe
  1. Call me maybe: Everyone calls me Patty, but my mom and dad sometimes call me Patita!
  1. Follow me on: My Instagram is at @bernabepatty and my Twitter is at @patitabernabe.
  1. My style character: My style is a whole lot like La La Land, Gossip Girl, and the beachy, yet polished ensembles in La Piscine.
  1. Go-to brands: Definitely Zara, Bershka, and Shop Copper!
  1. My fave style equation: When I'm too lazy to dress up, I usually just opt for a sundress to achieve an effortless, but forever chic style.
  1. Colors that make my heart skip a beat: White! I like putting white clothes together for an instantly chic outfit.
  1. Fashion trend I can't ever live without: White sneaks!
  1. My beauty must-haves: I love my lip and cheek tint by KJM! I can never leave the house without this! I also love my Maybelline CC Cream and Big Eye Mascara, too!
  1. Beauty trend I simply don't understand: Crazy contouring/clown contouring.
  1. I can't ever leave the house without my: Phone! Everything I need is there.
  1. Fave shopping tip ever: I had this one incident when I really liked a pair of shoes, but I was thinking if should buy it because of the price. When the saleslady said that they don't have it in my size I was so devastated so when I saw it in another branch I bought right away!

 If you can't stop thinking about it, buy it (regardless of the price)

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  1. Style philosophy:

Style is an expression! You should be able to express yourself through clothes regardless of the trend or of what other people say.

  1. My biggest splurge: A pair of white Gucci sneakers! It goes with absolutely everything.

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