Style Files: Mirella Deocadiz

Check out this Pinay's style while she struts about in Hong Kong.
  |  Jun 13, 2009
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Name: Mirella Deocadiz
Age: 16
School: South Island School (Hong Kong)
Hometown: Hong Kong

How would you describe your style?
It depends on my mood but generally, I like bold, sleek shapes. I love funky eye wear and shoes. No frills for me please!

Where do you usually shop for clothes?
In the Philippines, I love hitting up the markets like Greenhills, Divisoria and Market Market. I also like stores like Bench and Penshoppe for basics. In Hong Kong, I love shopping in the boutiques in Causeway Bay, Central and Mong Kok. Occasionally, I splurge a little at Zara or H&M but since a lot of people shop there, you end up looking like a clone.

Who's your favorite fashion designer?
At the moment, I love Balmain, Elizabeth and James, Matthew Willamson, Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga.

What's one thing that's always part of your outfit?
Eyeliner. I can NOT go anywhere without it.

Who/what is your inspiration?
I love looking at sites like and seeing what the other kids in Europe especially are wearing. I'm also influenced with the art and film that I watch so I like 'trying' to give off and 'artsy' vibe. (Trying being the operative word :) ) I also love flicking through the latest issue of Nylon.

Who's your favorite style icon?
Wow. I don't really have a favourite but I like Kate Moss, Mary - Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan and Shirley Manson. Predictable huh?

What influenced your style?
Well, I love French so I'd practise it by looking at fashion blogs in French. From there it kind of progressed and I've been reading fashion blogs and magazines since then.

What's your closet's color palette?
Well, I have a lot of dark colours but I have some bright pop colours as they go well with my morena skin.

What's one thing you'll never be caught wearing?
Emo Clothes. Ha.

Give 3 things that never go out of style.
- A pair of black pumps
- A good quality handbag that can carry all of your stuff
- A good pair of jeans.

What trend from the past would you like to make a comeback?
N/A. I don't like trends. Pah.

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