Style Files: Mikka Castro

Get to know this week's It Girl and her own personal style by checking out her fab top looks!
  |  Sep 13, 2014
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Name: Mikka Castro
Age: 20
City: Angeles
School: Angeles University Foundation

My style. It depends on my mood. It's a reflection of me. As long as I feel comfortable and confident in what I'm wearing, I'm good to go.
Shopping faves. I love taking risks, I believe there's a lot of cool finds to explore and enjoy. Mango, Cotton-on, H&M, Uniqlo, Forever 21, and online shopping are all my faves.
Style icons. I love, love the looks of Emma stone, Olivia Wilde, Ashley Tisdale, Kriz Uy, Liz Uy and the most classic of all, Audrey Hepburn.
Style influence. Mostly Tumblr, Instagram, Candy, and my Mom have influenced my personal style. 
Closet colors. Black. It's always in style and matches everything. I have a lot of clothes in earth tones too.
Accessory must. I'm not an accessory type of person. But, I guess my smile is the best accessory I wear.
Never wearing. A crop top and leggings with both prints on it. 
Vintage love. My costumes when I used to join school contests. They're all hand me downs, so most likely, they're the same age as me.


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