Style Files: Mandi Garcia

Her mom loved playing dress up with her as a child. See how that's reflected in Mandi's style.
  |  Aug 14, 2010
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Name: Mandi Garcia
Age: 18
School: De La Salle University
Hometown: Makati

Expressionism. Every attire I wear is based on my emotions. Whenever I dress up I look for a way to make a statement, this way people will understand the certain kind of look I want to pull off. Since they're based on my expressions, it makes it easier for me to decide the type of clothes I want to wear. I can go from preppy to edgy to girly, really depending on what I'm up for on that particular day. I find this to be better than just dressing up the same way all the time because people will never know what to expect :)
Cheap shopper. I have to admit I'm a bargain hunter! I like shopping at the mall, but I love shopping at bazaars, department stores, tiangges, and even thrift shops!  
Fave fashion stylists. It's so hard to decide on just one, so I would say the design team of Topshop. Hands down, they create such gorgeous clothes and amazing shoes!!
Incomplete without... pearl earrings.
Mother's doll. Cliché as it sounds, my inspiration is my mom. Being the first daughter, my mom loved playing dress up with me! I was her doll, complete with hats and tiny purses! Later on, she taught me a few things about dressing up. One, it's always best to dress up, because it shows you're giving importance to the occasion, and two, it's always better to be overdressed than underdressed!
Style icon. Jane Aldridge. Her style has got to be one of the most unique kinds I have ever seen, every outfit she posts on her blog seems to always amaze me! And being a shoe-fanatic, I gotta say I'm in love with her sea of shoes!
Media influence. Tons and tons of magazines, blogs, and even TV shows!
The basics. Mostly black and I usually stick to the basics colors, so it's easier to mix and match, unless I find gorgeous prints which I need to get my hands on!
Fashion no-no! Crocs! I honestly think it's just for the little kids and the adults. We're young and we should take advantage of the fact, our ankles can still sustain high heels!
Stylish three. Definitely a little black dress, totally chic and suitable for both casual and formal events. A pair of black ballet flats, since you can practically wear it with any attire! Last but not the least, pearls because I find them to be one of the classiest pieces of fashion :)
Trend rewind. Corduroy! I love the vibe it brings, classic yet young :)
Vintage own. I raided my mom's old closet and I basically stole all her awesome blazers! I don't know how old they are, but she had them way back when she was still single and working. I couldn't believe she was able to save them because now I have them in almost every color! Oh and of course my mom's lovely Chanel bag :)


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