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Get to know this week's It Girl and her girly style influenced by her mom. Read on to find out how you can be featured, too!
  |  Nov 1, 2014
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Name: Lira Princess G. Cadorna
Age: 16
City: Puerto Princesa City
School: University of the Philippines, Cebu

My style. It changes all the time. It depends on what I'm into at the moment or what type of pieces are mostly in my closet. Sometimes my style depends on what inspires me for the day. But in most cases, when I don't really plan what I'm going to wear for a full 2 hours, my style still ends up looking all girly, young, and preppy.
Shopping faves. I basically go to Forever 21 first before any other shop when I want to buy clothes and accessories now that I live in Cebu. But back when I was still in PPC, I'd usually shop at the mall or wait until summer break to look for brands with better quality in Manila or Cebu.
Style icons. I really look up to Kryz Uy and Camille Co. Their style is so versatile that if I look for inspiration for a certain look, they've already got it on their blog. I also admire Andrea Chong's dainty and classy style.
Style influence. My mom and aunts influence my style. They've been dressing me up in girly outfits since I was a few months old. Plus, my mom and aunts love dressing up as well. 
Closet colors. I've got a very colorful closet, from bright to dark and light to bold. But my closet's color palette is leaning towards colors and tones that are soft to look at like pastels and pink as well as cool hues like blue and white.
Fave accessory. I really can't decide since I can never go out of the house without a watch, bracelet, and earrings. I have a go-to set that works with all of my clothes so that I wouldn't feel that my outfit is incomplete even if I'm rushing out the door.
Never wearing. Very short shorts. 
Trend return. Overalls. I always wore them back when I was younger. I've been looking everywhere for them but the basic and not too short ones are just so hard to find.
Best bargain. I have lots of bargain buys, I don't know which one is the best. My mom and I used to shop at thrift stores about two years back. I'm sure that's where I got all my best purchases.
Vintage love. I have jewelry older than I am from mom and grandmother. I always use the silver charm bracelet that my mom got about 8 years before she had me.

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