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Channel design school chic just like 19-year-old Jeje.
  |  Jun 20, 2009
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Name: Jesserie "Jeje" Enomoto
Age: 19
School: Philippine School of Interior Design
Hometown: Las Pinas City

Indescribable style. Like what I always say, it's undefined/indescribable yet something vogue. It depends on my mood. When I feel like wearing all black, I will. If I'm in the mood for wearing something sexy, I go for it. And I always go for comfort. But above all, I wear what I think is ME.
Shopaholic. Anywhere. I am not really a brand-conscious person. I go for quality and comfort. You'll definitely see me shopping at thrift stores, Kirin Kirin, YRYS, People are People, Folded and Hung and also (rarely) in Zara, Topshop, Mango.
Favorite fashion designer. I really love Balmain, Alexander Wang, Betsey Johnson and Mich Dulce.
Outfit complete. Accessories. I love wearing chunky and unique rings. Cuffs and bracelets will also complete my outfit. And... I wear a lot of them :)
Stylinspiration. My boyfriend, friends who are also in love with fashion, music, and almost everything and anyone around me.
Favorite style icon. I always love MK and A Olsen, Nicole Richie, and Lindsay Lohan. I also find Shelly ( and Sylvia ( interesting. :)
Style influences. Fashion Sites and Blogs., and are my best fashion sites :)
Closet's color palette. Think of a color spectrum. I have tons of clothes with different colors. But black and white are the top colors in my closet. White when the heat is unbearable and Black if it's cold :) I learned that from my Color Theory Prof *wink*
Never wear. Too matchy outfits.
My stylish three. A designer bag, black dress, and white shirt are always on-the-go. If you want to play safe, wear those! :)
Comeback, trend. The '50s-'70s dresses. They are so lovely :)
Vintage hand-me-downs. I have my mom's blazers and my lola's polos and blouses. Actually, whenever I see my mom's or auntie's photos when they were still young, I envy them for having nice clothes. And I would usually ask my mom about those clothes, and she will always say "I gave it away because you don't like them." I was like, "Ugh! Why?! I was little then. You should've asked us when we are already conscious about fashion."
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