Style Files: Janthina Fong

Read what Janthina has to say about her fashion style choices.
  |  May 22, 2010
photos courtesy of Janthina Fong
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Name: Janthina Fong
: Just graduated from St. Mary's College of California
: Manila, currently living in California-

Edgy chick. I'm usually clad in a mix of classic and uptown with an urban edge. I'm still working toward more of an edge because I think that it makes outfits interesting, but I'm particular about balance and clean lines.

Intricate shopper. I'm a lazy shopper, so I'm always attracted to big department stores. Luckily, Barney's opened in SF so it was easy access to a good collection of contemporary designers. Intermix is also easy. My biggest luho are sales, so everyday I'm tempted by daily emails from Gilt because I always feel like I'm purchasing a steal. In Manila, I love to stock up on Topshop, but I always make sure to pick up pieces from local designers, particularly dresses by Charina Sarte and Martin Bautista because their aesthetic closely mirrors my style. I also wear a lot of Glasnost by my one of my dearest friends, Stacy Rodriguez because she always has fun things for parties and versatile day pieces you can wear over again in different ways. We have a great fashion industry full of creative people who make beautiful things and it's always great to come home and buy stuff that won't be worn by anyone I run into abroad. I don't really shop all that much though. I buy less so it's quality over quantity.

Fave fashion designer. Internationally, I deeply admire Alber Elbaz. I had the opportunity to meet him outside the Lanvin store as he was overseeing the Christmas displays for last year and he was so kind and welcoming that it really took my respect for his revival of the House of Lanvin to another level. He always pays due homage to Jeanne but his designs remain inspiring and current. I also have to mention Alexander Wang because everything he makes (from t-shirts to dresses) is amazing.

Always in the outfit. Heels. The proper elevation and that slight pitch forward will give you the confidence you need to take on anything you may come across during your day or night. During the few instances that I have to wear flats, I try to make sure I'm still really dressed up with fun accessories like chunky cocktail rings and good earrings so I don't feel too sloppy.

Inspired. I'm inspired by a lot of things and they change from day to day: books, tv, movies, magazines, ad campaigns, interesting people, random thoughts. I just dress however I feel, which ends up being very telling because you can definitely tell when I'm having a good, bad, or lazy day.

Style icon. There are so many, but I am currently most obsessed with Emmanuelle Alt for daywear and Giovanna Battaglia for night. I want to be able to wear pants like Emmanuelle with similar effortless chic dripping off a good jacket and nice heels or wear an amazing statement dress or skirt like Giovanna in a more feminine, glam, but still fatale sort of way.

Influenced by traveling. More than anything, I think it is places that influenced my style and how it evolved (and is still evolving). My style changed a lot when I moved from Manila to SF. I got less frilly and became more condensed into a college look; which was essentially skinny jeans or leggings with plain but well cut tops. Then I did my study abroad in Paris and I got to live out all my fashion dreams like sky high heels, leather, and fur, on a daily basis, and that made me a little more edgy than before.

Monochromatic closet. Mostly black and white. I'm really bad at incorporating color into my wardrobe but I do enjoy playing with different textures and colored accents in either clothes or accessories so I don't look like I'm going to a wake everyday.

No-no! It's hard to say "never" when trends are always changing. We can wear panties instead of pants now so never say never. However, I will say that I won't wear anything with a bad cut. It doesn't matter what the garment is, but if it's a bad cut it'll be a bad fit, and there's no use wasting time or money on things that fit badly no matter what the trend or brand.

Stylish three. A beautiful silk cocktail dress to be styled with whatever trend of the season using shoes, a purse, and other accessories to make it current. A slick pair of good pumps with a slim heel because trends come and go, but every so often, you'll always have to look like a lady. Crisp black cigarette pants cut just right at the ankle. Jeans are like a uniform during the day and we've seen everything from elephant pants to harem pants over many years, but nice black cigarette pants have looked chicer than chic since the days of La Garçonne in the '20s.

Fashion comeback. I'm obsessed with the '30s. As much as I loathe super matchy-matchy outfits that look contrived and lame as they exist today, there is something about the exquisite tailoring and matching colors of the '30s that could make any common woman look like a lady as soon as she got dressed.

Vintage finds. I have a gorgeous bolero designed for my grandmother by her brother, Philippine couturier and National Artist, Ramon Valera.  It's over 26 years old, I think. She wore it to the wedding of my parents and it's remarkably well-preserved today.  I wear it with really modern pieces like an Herve dress when I want to have a nice story behind my outfit.

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