This Week's Cool Girl Is a Shop Copper Fan

by Janelle Yau   |  Jul 16, 2017
Image: Gianna Margarita Llanes |
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A 22-year-old who is living the double life as a media personality and a comm major, you can find cool girl Gianna Llanes constantly laughing and ready for any type of adventure. When she's not busy juggling school and work, you can find her breaking a sweat at the Spin Studios, taking photos of the beach, or on a plane, embarking on her next soul-searching voyage. Get to know more about Gianna as she shares with us everything that makes her heart skip a beat—from fashion to beauty.

  1. Name: Gianna Llanes

  1. Call me maybe: G, Gigi, or Jia!

  1. Follow me on: My Instagram is at @gianna_llanes! You can also check out my YouTube channel at Gianna Llanes.

  1. My style character: My style is a lot like Anne Hathaway in The Intern, Devil Wears Prada, and of course, The Princess Diaries.

  1. My go-to brands: I love online shopping! So when I need a last-minute outfit, I always hit up Copper or Zalora! Neon Island has a ton of beautiful pieces as well.

  1. My no-fail style equation: I know that I can never go wrong with a printed dress or co-ords, topped off with an edgy jacket, a pair of oversized sunnies, rad boots, and a body bag.

  1. Fashion trend I can't ever live without: Definitely bodysuits! They're flattering on every body type and have become a staple in my closet because they’re so easy to mix and match with.

  1. Colors that make my heart skip a beat: Generally white, black, and blue! But recently, I've been getting into cream yellows and pale pinks as well.

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  1. My beauty must-haves: I love MAC's Studio Fix Powder Foundation, NYX Lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks, and The Face Shop's Designing Eyebrow Pencil.

  1. I can't leave the house without my: I am constantly holding my phone and it's not because I’m constantly texting or calling, which I suck at, it's because I love taking photographs of my travels!

  1. My best splurge: I love sports, so I never regret splurging on sneakers—especially my Jordans!

  1. Fave shopping tip: Save more money for your next shopping adventures! You can sell your used to your friends, schoolmates, or the fashion community. After all, your rash could be someone else's treasure,
  1. Must-follow: I really adore Youtuber Aspyn Ovard's style! She really inspired me to dress a little girlier, incorporate pastels into my wardrobe, and to put more thought into every outfit I wear to look presentable on the daily!

  1. Style philosophy:

Always dress like it's the best day of your life!

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