Style Files: Esme Palaganas

  |  Apr 11, 2009
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Eclectic mix. I dress up like a librarian-girl-meets-urban-chic-meets-crazy-lady style. I dress up according to my mood. I'm really eclectic and when I dress up I put all my favorite clothes into a pile and jut try to mix them up!

Shopaholics anonymous. I love shopping at thrift stores and/or ukay-ukays. I love finding great stuff in a pile of unwanted things and get it for a very cheap, reasonable price. But of course I also love shopping in malls and I try to mix those vintage finds with new clothes, and I really love the outcome. :) And sometimes, I reinvent a thrift find. I had this vintage floral blue short dress and the top part is really messed up, so I made it into a cute short skirt with a different lining.

Favorite designer.I love Alexander Wang! I love all the fun things he makes, and the line of tees he's making is just pure genius! And like A. Wang, I love Marc By Marc Jacobs it's so fun! So full of life and funky! I also love Alexander McQueen and Nina Ricci! And for the shoe designers, I love Balmain, Balenciega and Prada. Like I could afford it! LOL.

Finishing touch. Either a cute bag or statement shoes. Also accessories for me is a must. Accessories or a bag or a really cute platform shoes makes a plain drab outfit into a fab, fab outfit.

Fashion inspiration. Mostly, my inspiration comes from fashion blogs, I myself own one ( I love,,, (for a French fix) and also whom I've talked to over the internet and wrote a feature about. Locally, I love Michelle Ordoveza (, who inspired me to do a blog (excluding being bored, LOL). And how could I not forget the gorgeous Noelle Chantal from!

Favorite style icon. Like everyone, one of my style icons is Mary Kate Olsen. Edie Sedgwick, Clemence Poesy, Carine Roitfeld, and of course, I love Rachel Zoe.

Style influences. Excluding fashion blogs, I can say everything! From books to magazines. From the street to a really deserted island. From abstract to portraits. From paintings to photos. Everything!

Closet's color palette. I was in this plaid phase, then I also experienced a rock-and-roll, all black phase. Then into the neon-I-can't-see-it's-too-bright phase. My closet is a mix-up of everything, like a colored pencil box.

Never ever. I like faux fur (see, I love her take on faux fur!) , but real, authentic fur? No way! If I can be a part of any organization, it would be PETA. Wearing real fur is compared to a clothes thief (you know people who gets clothes from other's clothesline) instead of people's clothes, you're taking off the clothes of those poor, innocent animals. NO TO FUR!

Classic three. A leather bag, rockin' shoes, and a big, ring bling.

Comeback trend. The '70s! The "I-don't-care-how-high-your-platform-is" platforms, the wide legged pants, and peace. I also love to have poodle skirts back again.

Vintage hand-me-downs. My lola gave me her old turntable (?) and red, black-and-white TV. LOL. :)) My mom gave me a vintage clip-on earrings, which is, I think 10 years old. And a plaid dress with a really interesting petticoat. I haven't thought of how to wear it yet.
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