Style Files: Elena Virata

This week's Cool Girl is an awesome dancer and a style chameleon, too!
by Janelle Yau   |  Oct 29, 2016
Image: Elena Virata | Art: Clare Magno
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This week's It Girl on the Web is a member for the A-tTeam Philippines, and has traveled to the different parts of the world in the name of dancing. While Elena always gives her one hundred percent in her dancing and video edits, you can tell that this style chameleon always gives her A-game in the fashion department, too! Get to know Elena as she shares with us her favorite fashion icons, her style philosophy, and more!

  1. Name: Elena Carmela Bordallo Virata
  1. Call me maybe: Elena or Lena!

  1. Follow me on: My Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Youtube account is @elenavirata.
  1. My style character: My style is a mix of these movies: School Ties, Foxfire, and Highway!
  1. Style chameleon: I don't have one single style. When I feel preppy, I dress preppy for the day. When I feel classy, I'll dress classy for the day. When I’m in a lazy mode, I'll just put on a hoodie and a pair of jeans.
  1. My favorite Instagram account as of the moment: I love @jayalvarrez and the @themoodoflife!
  1. Dream vacay destination: I would love to visit Mexico and all the hidden beaches, but Jamaica sounds pretty cool, too!
  1. Colors that make my heart skip a beat: I love preppy Tommy Hilfiger color combos like reds, navy blues, whites, and nudes together

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  1. 3 beauty products I can’t live without: I can't live without my Benefit brow kit, my born lippy Body Shop lip balm, and my Clean & Clear oil blotting sheets!

  1. I'd love to meet: Gal Gadot, Johnny Depp, and Margot Robbie someday!
  1. Must-follow: Adrianne Ho is the person to follow if you're into girly streetwear.

  1. Style philosophy I live by:

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