Style Files: Arianne Ferrer

Arianne shares where she gets her fashion inspiration from.
  |  Sep 25, 2010
photos and captions courtesy of Arianne Ferrer
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Name: Arianne Ferrer
Age: 22
School: University of the Philippines Diliman
Hometown: Metro Manila

Preppy chick. Anglo-American Classic with a bit of continental gamine thrown in. You can take the girl out of prep school but never the pep-and-preppy out of a girl. :D
Budget shopper.
Topshop and Zara during the big sales, Greenhills Shopping Centre and ukay-ukay for the rest of the year. I go where my student-sized wallet leads me.
Fave fashion designer.
Erin Fetherston and Lauren Moffatt who have great girl-woman collections that perfectly combine classic and cute. I wish Luella Bartley could get back to selling clothes and Elizabeth Lau, with her heart details, deserves more time in the spotlight. I can't afford designer items, but I get a lot of inspiration from Fetherston, Luella, et al.
Always part of the outfit.
I like to mix-and-match a lot, but I'd say Keds sneakers or a comfy and colourful cardigan.
I get inspired by period books or films and Old Hollywood musicals. I'm in love with the 1930s right now, so I'm trying to work structure and faded florals together.
Style icon.
French Nouvelle Vague actress Anna Karina with her heavy fringe and nautical school girl outfits.
Love for vintage.
I only started really building a cohesive wardrobe in the last year or two. I got the courage to wear vintage-inspired outfits after reading blogs like A Thought is A Blossom and Mademoiselle Robot. Then began my own blog.
Closet color palette.
In my undergrad, I had a lot of bright cotton candy colours like pink and apple green. Now, I've moved on to neutrals, blues, and reds because I need to look professional at school.
Never seen wearing...
Jeggings, in any fabric and form.
Stylish three.
A crisp white blouse, Keds sneakers, and stripes.
Trend reborn.
I wish people would start wearing hats (cloches! berets! flowering towers!) more often. If we weren't in a tropical country, I'd say men in suits. I could go gaga for shirtsleeves and tailored jackets like in the TV show, Mad Men.
Vintage hand-me-downs.
What is it and how old? My mom and grandma are petite and delicate, I am not so it's a bit difficult to share clothes with them. But I do get dibs on the shiny faux jewellery that was really popular in the 60s and 80s as well as my mom's beat-up LV bags. Snaps.

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