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Learn effortless style and confidence with this fashionable Canadian gal!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Jan 15, 2016
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Antonette Ibasco

Name: Antonette Charlene Ibasco
Age: 16
City: Edmonton, Canada
School: Holy Trinity High School

My style. I like to step out of my comfort zone and try out different kinds of looks on different kinds of occasions. I also like to mix and match and switch things up. Dressing up basically serves as my creative mood outlet, so often times my mood is a big factor when it comes to the way I dress.
Shopping faves. I love shopping at H&M, Forever21, thrift stores, Garage, Zara, Adidas, and more.
Style icons. I've loved Blake Lively's style ever since Gossip Girl. I think Vanessa Hudgens slays everything and so does Kathryn Bernardo, obviously.
Style influence. I get fashion inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and a bunch of celebrities. I even get inspiration from the people I see in my everyday life. I love recreating their looks and come up with my own versions.
Closet colors. A bit of neutral colors like white, black, black, and probably more black.
Fave accessory. I'd say scarves are my favorite because it's such a go-to piece that gives a really nice touch to a plain outfit. My watch is also a must-have.
Never wearing. Pink is one of my favorite colors but you'll never see me wear it unless it's the dress code.
Trend love. Denim on denim, absolutely!
Best bargain. I picked up a bunch of items from Adidas because everything in the store was 50% off that day and what a great coincidence that my friend's sister works there. She gave me an additional 25% off. Such a great deal! 
Vintage love. I have a few sweaters from my grandma's closet.


look 1

Mad for plaid.

look 2

watch now

Blanket scarves are the best when talking about comfort.

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