Style Files: Anna Lumague

This UP student from Bulacan gets her inspiration from fashion bloggers.
  |  Mar 12, 2011
photos and captions courtesy of Anna Lumague
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Name: Anna Dominique Lumague
Age: 21
School: University of the Philippines
Hometown: Malolos City, Bulacan

Dainty chic. I always wear something short and very feminine. Actually, I almost never wear pants nowadays! You'll usually see me wear vests, blazers, shorts, dresses and quirky skirts. I'm a self confessed frugalista. I feel happy/proud when I get compliments from sometimes wearing an item that I got in a dirt cheap price.
I'm now into thrifted stuffs! Good thing that it's considered cool nowadays. Hehe. You don't have to spend much to look class and sophisticated because it is good sense of style cannot be bought.
Fave designers.
If I get super rich in the future, I would love to get my hands on Balmain and Chanel. Locally, my favorite designers are Patrice Ramos-Diaz, Francis Libiran and Michael Cinco. For shoes, I like Miu Miu.
Covered up and accessorized.
Nowadays, it's a structured blazer. I cannot leave the house without accessories either as I feel bare without any of it.
Pretty in the eyes.
I'm inspired with florals, stylish people, vintage and basically anything beautiful in my eyes.
Style goddesses.
I'm quite obsessed with Zoe Deluge of! I love her face and how she carries clothes effortlessly. Sometimes, I wish that I'll be just like her. Locally, of course it's Tricia Gosingtian. I'm such a die hard fan. Lol. Also, I have to include Kryz Uy. They're the epitome of style and class.
Fashion inspiration.
My fashion sense became a notch higher through reading fashion blogs. That's how my style evolution started. My personal favorites are: Rumi Neely's, Zoe Deluge's, Tricia Gosingtian's and Jane Aldridge's Aside from that, is ultimately the best place to get inspiration from fashionistas all over the world.
Neutral pallete.
I mostly have blacks and whites! However, after a while I got bored with the usual colors of clothes that I have. Now, I am trying to incorporate more color on my closet so that there will be variety and freshness.
I'll never be caught wearing Crocs! Also, clothes that are too skimpy and ill-fitting.
The basics.
As always, a little black dress will be there, pearl earrings, and 5 inch pumps too.
Vintage comeback.
High waisted skirts/shorts are nice. I also adore vintage styles from the '50s and '60s.
Vintage hand-me-downs.
I don't really claim is as mine, but it's been around the house still as of now. It's my mother's bag. However, it's not very old, roughly from the '90s I think.

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