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Get to know this stylish girl's unique view on style by taking a look at her top looks!
  |  Sep 1, 2013
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Name: Althea Brillantes
Age: 19
City: Metro Manila
School: De La Salle University

My style. I would like to compare my style to a playlist on shuffle—the pieces are selected but you'll never know what will be pieced together.
Shopping musts. I usually shop anywhere—from thrift stores to bazaars to retail stores and online shops. I like to think that keeping an open mind is the key to finding interesting pieces
Style icons. It's so difficult to choose only one so I'll have to say Danielle Roulx of Curves & Cults & Curls, Bianca and Dani from Kastor and Pollux, and Jenn and Sarah from Clothes Encounters
Style influence. Since my style is so varied, I would say my mood and my perception of myself influences the way I dress. I also usually dress to emphasize the parts of my body I like best. 
Closet colors. Contrary to what others think, my closet is actually like a rainbow these days!
Fave accessory. My favorite accessory would definitely be my bracelet from Cool Cats Manila. It's a black paracord bracelet with two blue skulls and a nautical clasp.
Never ever. I would never be caught wearing my underwear outside my clothes.
Trendy comeback. I'm not really in tune with trends since I just buy and wear whatever catches my eye, but I do hope they'd return the leather trend since I just really want to collect interesting leather pieces there are. If there's anything I know about trends, it's that they are a nice time to stock up on certain pieces.
Best bargain. My best bargain buy would have to be a forty-something peso top that I turned into a rad cut-out top.
Vintage loving. I own a lot of vintage pieces since my mom has a great eye for fashion. A favorite of mine is a leather slingback bag; I'd estimate it to around 20 years old at least. 

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