Style Files: Al Panganiban

Get to know this chic and stylish girl and her love for Parisian fashion!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Mar 29, 2015
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Name: Al Rischia Nigel Panganiban
Age: 17
City: Manila
School: University of Santo Tomas

My style. I style myself according to my age and my mood. I love wearing dresses and skirts because for me it's the most comfortable thing to wear. I also like experimenting with my outfits as long as it stays simple, chic, classy, and comfortable.
Shopping faves. I buy my clothes in department stores, bazaars, and online shops. I really don't mind the brand because for me styling is not about the price or the brand of the clothing. As long as you can pull it off then you're good to go!
Style icon. The people behind my style is no other than Vern and Verniece Encisco.
Style influence. My Mom! She always makes me feel comfortable about myself and what I'm wearing, and also she knows the do's and don'ts in styling.
Closet colors. Mostly Pink. Why? Because it's my favorite color!
Fave accessory. Earrings and a watch because it can match any type of outfit I'm wearing.
Never wearing. Revealing clothes. I don't want to feel uncomfortable just to gather attention from others.
Trend return. Something like a vintage Parisian look. I've been to Paris once and I am so in love with the way the Parisian ladies dress as they walk the busy streets of Paris.
Best bargain. A dress I bought in a bazaar for only 250 pesos. Then I saw it in a department store with an original price of 800 pesos.
Vintage love. Some of my mom's old clothes, shoes, and bags. All of them are older than me because they belong to my mom when she was still in her teenage years.

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