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  |  Jun 26, 2010
photos courtesy of Laine Lumanog
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Name: Erlaine Vanessa D. Lumanog  - "Laine"
Age: 21
School: Ateneo de Manila University
Hometown: Manila

Chic with edge. My style is probably feminine with an edge. I wear a lot of skirts but my love for street wear comes out too with graphic tees, and denim shorts. I hate boring myself so I mix it up from time to time.
Shopping preference. I don't really have a favorite store coz i can shop anywhere. When I spot something great, I buy it. I love unique/limited pieces though so bazaars are my guilty pleasure.
Fave fashion designer. I'm not so much into the whole couture scene. But I get inspiration from Betsey Johnson, and my friends Sassa Jimenez, for the ultra chic lady look and Kate Torralba's love for colors.
Put a ring on it. I've come to love them and I feel incomplete if my hands are bare. Oh and of course, a smile. :) it never fails to complete an outfit. i always believe that true beauty shines through personality, not through the clothes you wear.
Inspired. I get inspiration from the stylish people I get to be with day after day. My mom, my older brother DJ Euric, his friends and my barkada, who's also got their own style going for them. 
Style icon. With celebrities, i love Rachel Bilson's style and Denise Laurel. But my favorite Chictopian style icons really inspire me the most. Everyday girls with their everyday style.
Family influence. My mom and my older brother have greatly influenced my style. I get from my mom the crisp cut feminine look, while from my brother, the street vibe.
Closet color palette. I LOVE colors. Since I play golf, I'm tanned. So I go for warm colors like, fuschia, aqua blue, etc. that enhance my skin tone. But I also love neutrals like brown, white and black. For the day, I wear lots of colors, but for the night I love the elegance of black. Then I mix it up with metallics.
Never ever! Crocs! 'nuf said. :P
The basics. Pearl earrings, White button down blouses, and your smile. :D
Trend comeback. Cropped jackets/ boleros. they were pretty cute. 
Vintage owns. My mom gave me this Bally bag that's absolutely gorgeous. It's the first designer bag she owned so it's probably as old as I am!


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