Seo Ye Ji’s *Dreamy* Pambahay Looks in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”

She's always so extra!

A lot has been said about Seo Ye Ji’s inimitable fashion in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay as Ko Mun-yeong, a children’s book author with antisocial personality disorder. And while her usual OOTDs whenever she steps outside the house are indeed headline-worthy, we’d be remiss to focus on those alone. So make no mistake: Even her pambahay outfits will blow you away!

In Episode 6, the K-drama heroine barely left the cursed castle (except for that time she wore this jawdropping pink outfit to the hospital), giving us plenty of chances to glean sartorial tips from her home OOTDs. Ever so extra, Ko Mun-yeong’s wardrobe choices for her pambahay looks are far from ordinary and are anything but boring, albeit still comfortable and perfect for lounging around the house on a lazy day. Truth be told, they kind of remind us of our grandmothers’ favorite “duster”—a chicer, more modern version of it, that is.


Below, we list down the looks she sported in the latest episode, all of which will make you want to level up your own pambahay outfits!

1. This sheer Minju Kim frock is quite literally what fairytales are made of. True to the show’s storybook fantasy aesthetic, the dreamy tiered dress befits a princess who’s trapped in a cursed castle. Ko Mun-yeong, of course, put her signature flair to the proverbial damsel-in-distress look by pairing it with beige Schutz mules.

PHOTO BY Its Okay to Not Be Okay/Netflix
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PHOTO BY Its Okay to Not Be Okay/Netflix

2. Long dark hair? Check. White dress? Check. But she’s not your average white lady, mind you! Her version—a Bohemian-style Isabel Marant Étoile creation—comes with billowy sleeves and is topped off with a crocheted camisole from K-fashion brand EENK.

PHOTO BY Its Okay to Not Be Okay/Netflix
PHOTO BY Its Okay to Not Be Okay/Netflix

3. Ko Mun-yeong woke up to the smell of delicious breakfast in a powder blue midi frock by Cecilie Bahnsen (who's especially known for her adorable babydoll dresses) with puff sleeves and tiered hem, staying true to her character’s penchant for ovoid silhouettes. So understatedly chic!

PHOTO BY Its Okay to Not Be Okay/Netflix
PHOTO BY Its Okay to Not Be Okay/Netflix

TBH, we’d wear ALL her pambahay dresses out—even to parties! Which one’s your fave?

It's Okay to Not Be Okay tells the story of Moon Gang-tae (Kim Soo Hyun) and Ko Mun-yeong (Seo Ye Ji) who develop an unusual romance while healing each other’s emotional and psychological wounds. It's now streaming exclusively on Netflix and airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 p.m.


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I have forgotten when was the last time we shared a smile - the last time when I saw the glow in your eyes and the last time when you whispered an I love you to me. I have forgotten when, but here I am - writing to you again.

I do not know if you will read this or you will just add this one to my proses and poems that you left unread, but you see, I am still hoping. I am mailing the pain of us to the gods out there - hoping they can take the pain away. I should have gotten over you, but instead of forgetting and accepting our ending, I am writing about us in tissue sheets, carving about us on trees, telling about us on the back of my journals, hoping that a thousand or a million write ups about us, can make me forget about what happened.

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This is a drawing and a poem I’ve made for a summer love. Our time together was short-lived but the feelings were not.

“God’s Gift”

On a platform we stand

Faces seen all in a blur

Relentless searching led by a spur

To find someone, to feel something

Aren’t we fools to waste away time?

To look for one man’s treasure

Somewhere as ephemeral, as fragile

As a bond built in crime

But aren’t we just like every weary heart?

Hoping for an oasis

In the midst of the desert

Wanting to quench our thirst

Aren’t we all like frosted windows

Of old and battered houses on winter?

Wishing for the sun to give us warmth

To melt the facade so we can show what the inside is made

Aren’t we maven pretenders?

A Casanova? A Temptress? Who made us this way?

A sly fox? A ruthless hunter?

Let down the walls, It’ll be okay

Rushed for a hug, now no hesitating

Engulfed by a sense of bliss or was it longing? Eyes wide-open,

Stepping on a quicksand I embraced the fall into the deep end

Gazed at you lying there unaware With you, found something rare I swear

Realization dawning as loud as a thunder

As the Beating of your heart put me into a deep slumber

Waking up from this reverie

Truth slapped me back to reality

Two worlds so different, now I see If only I could I’d be anything and anyone you need me to be I’m the ludicrous clown, you see

Thought if I ruin it first I’d be free

From the doubts brought by my own insecurity I was so wrong,

What a tragicomedy Brought by the month of April

We rushed the ticking of clock to May Hands interlocked

Weaved skin to skin on a rainy day But when June came to say hello, all went dark grey

What was once there ceases to exist Like the wilting of a flower

Once so beautiful, so full of life Now turned into dust by death’s kiss

Unbounded joy brought by your presence

Paralleled with the perennial ache of your absence Yearned for and offered seventh heaven

Now the heart weeps for evanescence

A mirage, to be the fair maiden The sorrow to find out I’d end up our own villain

But all’s well for you are but a distant dream Gamaliel, You are, I knew it from the very beginning .

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