Your Ultimate Guide to Finding Your *Perfect* Seasonal Color Palette

by Chanel Ang   |  May 16, 2023
Image: Pexels Art: Shannen Gardon
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Although it feels like summer every day in the Philippines, not everyone matches the ‘summer’ vibe. In fact, the TikTok-famous seasonal color palette trend reminds us that we each have a season that best suits us!

ICYDK, the seasonal analysis is a system that combines your skin tone, eye color, and hair color to generate a color palette that compliments you best! The results can give you the chance to shine by identifying your power colors for fashion and beauty. Want to learn more?

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Here's the Candy girl’s guide to creating and owning your own seasonal color palette!

Take a few seasonal color palette quizzes 

Manually finding your seasonal color palette quiz can be a bit complicated, but there are many quizzes to guide you! A personal favorite would be the Laurie Loo quiz, which already provides you with the color palette and celebrity pegs per season! If you want something a little more visual, you can take this quick Buzzfeed quiz which also factors in your vibe and personal preferences. The brief Truth is Beauty quiz, on the other hand, has no pictures but provides explanations on more complex questions. 

The abundance of quizzes is actually quite helpful so you can cross-check results from various creators. It is realistically difficult to encapsulate one person in only one season, so if you have different results, even better! That way, you have more options to try out.

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Research on colors and season you get

From there, you can look into what colors are most popular for your season. Are you meant for ivory or a dark magenta? Did you get results that dare you to try out both? The season you get will help you explore specific shades that you haven’t tried out before! Taking note of which colors bring out your natural beauty will help up your outfit game and makeup style.


If you are uncertain on how to start, you can even schedule a consultation with certified color professionals! Local experts like Ingrid Nieto Pagulayan can give you direct recommendations and tips to style like no other.

Create pegs using celebrities or influencers with similar season

If you’re struggling to find outfit or makeup inspiration, you can search up celebrities who have a similar palette! You can take note of what parts of their makeup they incorporate  these colors into: Is it their eyeshadow or their lipstick? 

You can also look at their tops and bottoms to draw inspiration on how to mix and match colors in your palette! You can even get ideas from how they apply the seasonal color palette in their choice of shoes, jewelry, or hair accessories. 

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Slowly incorporate elements from your season

Now that you’ve done your research and have your pegs, it’s time to get ready! If the colors are new to you or there aren’t a lot of pieces from your wardrobe, integrate them slowly. Buy a cute crop top or a set of earrings with one of the colors, and see how it complements what you already have at home! Similarly, get one eyeshadow or lipstick with the shade, and integrate it into your regular makeup routine! 

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The seasonal color palette is not a hard rule, it only serves as your guide. When figuring out your style, just remember that experimenting and having fun is the most important part!

Experiment with parts of other seasons that you like

If you want to take it a step further, here’s a step that isn’t talked about a lot: look at the pegs of other seasons, and take note if anything you like! Maybe you have a skirt that garners you tons of compliments at school or work, but is from the deep winter instead of the clear spring palette—that’s perfectly fine!

The color guide’s primary purpose, after all, is to help you dress and do makeup in a way that makes you feel the most confident! 

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