Ready, Rain or Shine

Don't you just hate it when you're all layered up for the rain and Mr. Sun suddenly heats up your day? How exactly do you dress appropriately for bipolar weather? Here are the wardrobe essentials to keep you ready come rain or shine!
by Rizzi Ponti   |  Aug 18, 2012
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These days you never know whether it's going to rain or shine. Sometimes, the day starts out so brightly and you think you can actually whip out your summer clothes but by afternoon, it's already raining cats and dogs. As if picking out what to wear is not hard enough during this weather, wearing the wrong clothes can lead to you getting sick. So what do you do when you can't predict the weather? Read on to know what you need to show that no amount of rain or heat can cramp your style, Candy Girl!

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Rizzi Ponti Correspondent
Rizzi has an obsession for poofy skirts and all things magical. She believes in running free in the world, going after dreams even if it means sacrificing much-needed sleep, and in serving God with all she has. Also, that chocolate ice cream and hugs can do wonders.
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