Purse Things First

by Roch Vergara   |  Feb 16, 2009
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The things inside your little tote or clutch bag are as important as your dress and shoes. Though it may be too small, you need to stock your purse with all the must-haves.

  1. Makeup
    No, not your entire makeup kit! You only need your lip gloss, facial powder, and blush for quick touch ups in the middle of the night. You don't want to look pale and shiny in pictures, right? Just apply some gloss for shiny and lustrous lips and dab the right amount of powder on your shiny spots.

  2. Facial tissue
    You should always have facial tissue in your bag wherever you go. It is essential for hygienic purposes and to clean up a few makeup smudges you'll encounter that night. It can also be a good reason to wipe off the lipstick stain on your date's cheek after giving him a peck on the cheek after a great night. ;)

  3. Cell phone
    A must! You should always be easy to reach through your phone, because you'll never know what can happen. Your parents will be comfortable knowing that they can contact you whenever. You just have to update them on your whereabouts so to avoid worries. Who knows, you might even get an extended curfew for doing so.

  4. Digital Camera
    Who wouldn't want to capture that special night in pictures? Capture all those unforgettable moments and take snaps of everything!  It'll be fun to reminisce that night when you're older just by looking at the pictures you took. Just make sure you have enough space in your memory card because you'll be clicking away all night for sure!

  5. Bobby Pins
    Just in case your 'do gets messed up in the middle of the night, keeping bobby pins in your purse will be very handy. It will keep wayward hairs and stubborn bangs in place. Just make sure to hide the pins properly and tuck it under your hair for a clean finish. You wouldn't want to have Mufasa hair by the end of the night, right?

  6. Band-aids
    Comfort and style should always go together. If you're not used to wearing stilettos, chances are, your feet will hurt halfway through the night. If the straps of your stilettos are rubbing against your skin and you feel it digging into your ankles, Band-Aids will help soothe the pain and even prevent your footsies from having blisters.

  7. Mints
    No one wants a date with bad breath! After eating, make sure to pop some mints for fresh breath and to avoid those teeth stains that can come out on pictures. Not appealing at all!

  8. Money
    It's always safe to bring emergency cash just in case something comes up. If your group suddenly thought of stopping for a quick bite before heading home, at least you have enough cash to buy yourself a frappe or a smoothie.

  9. Safety pins and body tape
    A strap of your dress snaps off? Got a hole in your dress? Safety pins can save you from things unexpected. Always have a couple in your bag just in case you need it for a quick fix. It also won't hurt to bring some body tape along for those stubborn loose spots. Just one strip will keep your dress in place and will keep yourself covered up.

  10. Perfume
    With all of that dancing, a little spray of your favorite perfume will keep you smelling fresh for the rest of the night. Overdoing it might send the wrong impression so just keep it light.
Do you have any prom purse essentials that isn't on our list? Share them down below!
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