Style Files: Pam Chua

She talks about where she got her fashion inspiration from and how music and movies influenced her style.
  |  Aug 7, 2011
photo and captions courtesy of Pam Chua
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Name: Pam Louiese M. Chua
Age: 19
School: University of the Philippines
Hometown: Nueva Ecija

Quirky Vintage. I'm really into vintage clothing. I like the cuts and the little details of the buttons and the collars. But I like mixing them with more contemporary pieces and wearing them with trends so that I won't end up looking like a grandma. I like the dainty look as if you're gonna go have tea or run in a field or something. 
Thrift shopper.  Ukay-ukay the best place to shop because the choices are just endless! It's not like the mall where your options are sort of limited and chosen for you. You'll be sure to get one-of-kind pieces and it's a place where you really get to learn what you like and what you don't like. Plus: it's really cheap too!
Belt it up! I like cinching things and they oftentimes help me keep my accessories cohesive with the outfit. 
Fashion bloggers. I remember first reading a fashion blog 4 years ago and it changed how I thought of dressing up. They were inspirational because they tried things out and were never really shy of wearing them out in public. They made me adventurous about what I wore and where I bought them. Up until now, I take inspiration from them as fashion bloggers also offer fresh takes on certain pieces and trends.
Style icon. Currently, it's Alexa Chung. 
Influenced by art. Sometimes, when I watch a movie, I just fall in love with how everyone is styled and how it affects how they're presented as characters. Musical artists are always surprising. You're first hooked to the music. But as soon as you research on them you realize that it definitely comes from a certain point of view that not only affects their music but also how they dress. 
Closet palette. Soft hues and pastel colors. Black and white too! Can floral be part of the palette?
Never ever! Litas. I just can't understand them. They look monstrous and potentially deadly.
The basics. A white dress, black skirts and Breton tops. All you need are the right accessories and you're good to go!
Trend rebirth. '50s silhouette. I just love how lady-like the dresses are and specially the colors and prints they come in. I like tucking things in and high-waist anything looks awesome to me.
Vintage hand-me-downs. 2-piece suit from my mom. I think she used to wear it back in the '80s when she was looking for a job or something. I found it in her closet and I fell in love with the unconventional print and mix of colors. Conveniently, my mom's and my measurements are not so different so I get to use it sometimes.

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