Model Off Duty: Jessica Yang

Get to know this top model and her easy, breezy, chic style!
by Erin Torrejon   |  Feb 19, 2013
photos by Majoy Siason
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Models are everywhere you look—print ads, commercials, magazines, and fashion runways. They're usually seen wearing the trendiest designer frocks, but have you ever wondered what their take on fashion is behind the scenes? We're taking a closer look at the beautiful models that grace the pages of Candy magazine and one model in particular has become a regular in the fashion pages and she's no other than top model, Jessica Yang. We spoke to her and this is what she told us:

Describe your style.
"It's very boyish and comfortable. I don't like wearing a lot of accessories. But, I still try to be girly so that people still know I'm a girl because I can act really boyish already."

What do you normally wear to and from shoots?
 "I wear something that's easy to take off. I don't really put on a lot of accessories when I'm going to a show or a shoot because I have to change a lot and I don't want to risk losing my stuff. I usually wear a simple dress."


Must-have accessory?
"It's usually my stud earrings since I don't want the piercings in my ear to close. That or a watch and maybe one ring. Basically it's only just one accessory because I'm very forgetful."

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What's one trend you like now? Why? How do you sport it?
"The army trend because it's boyish. They've made it really feminine as well now which is perfect for my style.  I would wear a camo jacket with touches of leather for an edgy look. I'd also like a military print oversized sweater because I'm always in a sweater and shorts since it's easy to move around in."

Who's your style icon?
"I don't really have an icon but I really like Lana Del Rey's fashion sense. She's always in old Hollywood and glamorous outfits but she can sport really edgy and rock stuff too. I also like the style of singer Kimbra because the ways she dresses herself is really cute in a kind of crazy way. I like a mix of their styles because it's not just sweet and stylish, it's also a lot of attitude."


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