Kendall and Cara are Proof of How Social Media Has Changed the Modeling Game

by Erin Torrejon   |  Aug 19, 2015
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There is no denying that social media has infinitely changed the way we go about life today. In fact, social media has redefined almost every aspect of our lives, making it almost impossible to ignore it or not be part of it in some way. One major industry that has been changed by social media is the fashion business, particularly in the modeling sector. Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid are just a few examples of models who have used social media to not only connect with their fans but also in order to propel their careers while creating their own personal brands. From sharing their day-to-day antics to posting their latest modeling gigs, these It Girls have thoroughly used social media to bring them and keep them to the top of the fashion heirarchy. In fact, these supermodels used social media to gain a large following, making them even more appealing to brands! Want to know exactly how social media can make you a super model just like Cara, Kendall, Gigi, and Karlie? We break it down below! 


 1  Social media becomes an extension of modeling portfolios.

Nowadays most brands and media outlets look through the Instagram accounts of models to see if they're fit for the particular look of an editorial or brand. This makes what models post on their accounts extra important, and at the same time it gives the model the freedom to control the jobs they get depending on their posts. One clear example is how Karlie advocates her healthy lifestyle on Instagram, which then attracts athletic and sports brands. 

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 2  It's the best tool for models to build their own brand.

Cara Delevingne definitely made her mark as an edgy, fun, and free-spirited model with the help of her posts on Instagram. Through her wacky and provocative posts, she branded herself as the model who's not afraid to be a part of a crazy fashion editorial or more controversial brand campaign. In fact, Cara has made it clear that she owes a part of her success to social media. It's made her such a household name across the globe, giving her the freedom to choose her current career as an actress. 


 3  Followers are important.

Because of how social media influences our daily choices, the number of followers of a model has become a factor for brands and media outlets. This gives a model with a big number of followers an upperhand because of their greater influence in the world of social media. This makes it important for models to connect with their fans and let them get to know them a little better throught daily posts. With a huge following, these models have a bigger chance of having posts that can go viral, which is always a good thing especially for brands. Kendall Jenner is a great example because of how her following has immensely grown and how it's made her a reality star turned supermodel.


 4  It's how you remain relevant.

Being an active player in one of the most influential tools of our time, a.k.a. social media, is the one thing that can bring any model to the top and keep them there. Aside from a big following, constant posts and social media interactions is the best way to remain relevant for a model, and being relevant is the best way to land big global campaigns and coveted magazine covers. Gigi Hadid is one model who has made her social media presence grow, which then has sky-rocketed her into a It Girl status, appearing in multiple campaigns and landing magazine covers everywhere.


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