Style Files: Justine Abad

Curious about her style? Read on.
  |  Oct 2, 2011
photos courtesy of Justine Abad
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Name: Justine Chantelle Abad
Age: 21
School: Slim's Fashion and Arts school
Hometown: Manila

Whimsical. It's something that characters in Wonderland would wear.
Dressmaker. I usually make my own clothes. But you could also find me hunting in my favorite thrift shops.
Fave fashion designer. Vivienne Westwood :)
Always wearing... a hair accessory. I feel naked without one.
Inspired by... nature.
Style icon. Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdez. I've met her a lot of times already and she's always a delight. Her style just speaks true freedom.
Lolita. My style is deeply influenced by Lolita fashion. Lolita is a fashion and lifestyle that emerged in Japan in the late 1980s. It is inspired by the Rococo and Victorian Fashion. I don't wish to call my style specifically Lolita ONLY. I actually go out of the lolita rules a lot of times.
Closet's color palette.
Pastels with a little touch of blacks and reds.
Never ever!
You'll probably never see me wear skimpy clothes. I do wear mini skirts but you get the picture, right? :b
The basics. Lace, Black, Pumps
Return of the trend. Gloves. People from the 1960s actually wear gloves along with their terno
Vintage hand-me-downs. My mom gave me a vintage fabric she owned which I made into a dress.

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