Janine Gutierrez, Alden Richards, Juancho Trivino, and More Celebs Talk Fashion

These Boardwalk ambassadors share their love for fashion and for the brand.
by Chloe Ramirez, Erin Torrejon   |  Jan 20, 2015
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Local fashion brand Boardwalk is stepping up their style game by introducing their fresh new faces of 2015. Being a fashion and lifestyle company, Boardwalk helps Filipinos and Filipinas everywhere to easily stay fashionable and chic because all their items are conveniently online, just a click away!

During the launch last week, we got to speak to all their latest brand ambassadors about their specific collections and just everything fashion. Check out all the faces of Boardwalk and what they had to say below.

  1. Janine Gutierrez is the perfect endorser of the Cosmopolitan Collection. With trendy, sexy, and vibrant dresses and blouses, the Cosmopolitan Collection is the ideal clothing line for the busy girl. By simply changing accessories, this line of clothing can take you from a lunch date to an interview to a girls' night out!

    janine gutierrez

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    What do you think about Boardwalk and their new line of clothing?
    "I love that it's affordable fashion. It makes high-end trends accessible for a lot of people." 

     How does this style fit you?
    "I love dresses! And I'm the ambassadress of the Cosmopolitan Collection, which is usually dresses that can go from work to after work, or for, like, dinners. It's very versatile. You can dress it up with heels if you need to go to work.  Or you can wear flats if you're just going to go out for lunch. So I like that it's very flexible."

     What do you think of Boardwalk’s new slogan: Fashion for Social Change?
    "I really appreciate that Boardwalk isn’t just about fashion. It's also about being an instrument for other advocacies because it’s so important to be more than just a brand. You have to stand for something. You have to have a purpose. So I'm glad to be part of that vision of Boardwalk."

  2. The We Love It Collection features a mix of old and new faces. This line of couple’s clothing brings back the brilliant loveteam of Thea Tolentino and Jeric Gonzales. Also, they introduce Kim Rodriguez and Juancho Trivino, who are paired for the very first time. 

    Juancho and Kim

    How do you feel being the new face of the collection?
    "I'm so happy, kasi ako yung naging isa sa mga endorsers nila. And I'm thankful and honored." —Kim Rodriguez

     "Actually, ngayon, I don't know what to feel. But I'm pretty sure I'm really, really happy that Boardwalk trusts us para maging endorsers nila." –Juancho Trivino

     What do you personally like about the brand?
    "Their style is really different.  It fits me well. Other brands don't fit me as good." —Juancho Trivino

    Thea and Jeric

    What do you personally like about the clothing line?
    "Cute siya kasi ginawa nilang fun. (Ed's note: Her shirt says I'll bee yours.) 'Yung sa lalaki, Bee mine." –Thea Tolentino

    How does the brand fit your style?
    "It's similar to my style. Simple person lang ako mag-outfit. Sa age ko rin naman, mas bagay." –Jeric Gonzalez

    If you could choose, who do you wish you could wear those couple shirts with?
    "Ultimate na siguro si Taylor Swift!" –Jeric Gonzalez

  3. Alden Richards was chosen to be the face of the Artiste Collection, Boardwalk's newest collection of the year. This perfectly suits the dashing, cool guy.
     Alden Richards

    Tell us about your collection.
    "Si Janine po kasi ay sa Cosmopolitan Women, so I'll be endorsing the counterpart. Ako po 'yung sa men's. So most of the pieces are urban and hip na clothing, like the one I'm wearing now." –Alden Richards


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