How to Start a Fashion Business When You Don't Think You Can

Or any business in general!
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 19, 2017
Image: Mark Jesalva, Unsplash
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Before, the big dream is to graduate college, enter the biggest corporation in the country, and make a name for yourself. Now, the BHAG or the big hairy audacious goal is to start your own business and make your own legacy.

It's safe to say that college students have the grit and fearlessness to step out of their comfort zones and turn their passions into actual reality. But for days when you don't think you can, let your fellow young entrepreneurs turn your minds around and inspire you to keep moving forward with your dreams.

If you think that you don't have enough money to run a business.

"You don't need to be rich to start a business. You can start your own business with the right mindset, passion, and discipline." —Rhea Bue and Jeff Ong of Twenteeyet

Passion = Earnings

"Every aspiring entrepreneur's authenticity to their craft or passion must be equal to their intention to earn." —Rosbert Villar of Bespoke Classics

When you fail on the first try.

"Don't give up too fast—just find the right niche." —Yuki Tansengco of Shop Style Cat

Are you hesitant to make the first step?

"Know that there's no guarantee if the decision we will make is right or wrong. That's why we need to put all our efforts to make that decision right. However, if you will not take the first step and if you will not even try, how would you know if you made the right decision?" -Reiner and Loreene of Kayu

When you feel overwhelmed and anxious all at once.

"I organize the list of things I have to do via a simple tool: a checklist and taking time to meditate, and plan ahead." —Kim Tiam Lee of Pulseras by Kim

Feeling demotivated?

"You just have to believe in yourself and let success be your constant motivation." —Alex Jimenez and Maika Cruz of Wear Sandy Cheeks

Do you want to start your business? What are you into?

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