5 Things to Remember When Shopping for a Strapless Bra

Your garment nightmare solved!
by Steph Sison for Preview.ph   |  May 21, 2017
Image: Pexels Art: Clare Magno
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We know your struggle, Candy Girls! Strapless bras may be a blessing for your shoulder-baring outfits, but shopping for the right one can be a nightmare! Too loose and you're awkwardly pulling it up all day, too tight and you can barely breathe!

So here, we've listed five simple things you need to remember when shopping for the perfect strapless bra you can move (and breathe) in no matter what you're wearing:

Skip the lotion.

When buying a bra, don't apply lotion on your torso. This will cause the bra to slip and you'll think you're wearing the wrong size. This also applies when you're actually wearing one. 

Don’t be embarrassed by the size.

Always prioritize the fit. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a 32B, the important thing is that it fits. Remember that size is just a number!

Make sure the band is snug.

But it shouldn't be too snug, otherwise you won't be able to breathe as it cuts off circulation. The trick is to have it support the cups just right. If you can fit one to two fingers on the sides, you're good. Make sure that the band is parallel to the floor as well. If it arches upward, the bra may be too big on you.

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Wear the bra correctly.

Yes, there is a right way to wear a strapless bra. First step is to wear it normally, by fastening it behind your back. Next, lean forward and scoop all the breast tissue under your arms and put it into the cup. This ensures no spillage or gaps.

Wash your bras correctly.

Finally, you have to take care of your bras. Handwash them with mild detergent. Never machine wash, especially if you intend to wear them everyday. Additionally, when you find a style that you like and fits you very well, there's no harm in buying more than one.

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