How To Look School Pretty

Know the ways of how to look fab in school without breaking the rules.
by Roch Vergara   |  Jun 13, 2011
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How can we pump up the way we look in school without breaking certain school rules? (wearing too much makeup, dyeing hair, etc.) —Andz Fl via Facebook

Since you're wearing  your school uniform, it can be kind of limiting if you want to add an oomph to your look. The basic thing you could do is get a nice haircut that will compliment the shape of your face. Also, keep your makeup light and fresh with blush and lip gloss. Since you're also not allowed to put a lot of accessories, you can wear a certain piece that doesn't catch too much attention but is pleasant to the eye like a pretty pendant on a simple chain. Just keep it simple and don't go OTT.

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