Here's How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe That You'll Want to Wear on Repeat

by Malcolm Angoya   |  Mar 10, 2023
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The more options we have in our closet, the more complicated and confusing it can be to put together the perfect OOTD. One trick that many fashion experts swear by is building a capsule wardrobe. This concept was coined by Susie Faux, a fashion mogul in the 1970s. She defined it as having a closet that only consists of staple clothing items that you can wear for different seasons. And that’s essentially what a capsule wardrobe is today—it’s a practice for those who are considering a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle.

A capsule wardrobe has all the versatile pieces that can be either worn in class, during brunch with your BFFs, and dressed down on Friday nights. Overall, it's a great way to keep your closet organized and save time in getting ready. If you’re thinking of building your own capsule wardrobe, we curated some helpful tips for you to keep in mind.

5 Effective Tips to Build Your Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Stick to a color palette

For a capsule wardrobe, your closet should only consist of basic colors like black and white, then mixed in with neutral and earthy tones. Not only do they go with pretty much everything, but these classic shades won’t start to look overdone after you’ve worn them several times. 

After you’ve settled on the foundation of your palette, add one or two accent colors to liven up your neutral bases. Figure out which colors flatter your skin tone and fit with your overall style, then incorporate those into your closet. Refrain from adding too many accents because the more colors you add, the more challenging it may be to pair pieces together. 



  • Spend on quality, not quantity

Rather than trying to keep up with trends, or spending money on items you’ll only wear once, invest in pieces that will last you for years to come. Trust me, you’ll get so much more for your money when you invest in a smaller number of quality pieces.

Quality pieces hold up well over time, thus you’ll end up buying fewer items and less often. Do keep in mind that choosing quality pieces doesn’t always mean a bigger price tag. As long as you’re able to take care of the fabric and maintain its appearance, you’re good to go.


  • Choose versatile pieces

One of the main advantages of a capsule wardrobe is that almost every piece may be worn in a wide range of various outfits. You should be able to choose practically any top-and-bottom set in your closet and have it be coordinated.

When evaluating the versatility of a garment, consider how easily it can be mixed and matched with other pieces, colors, and patterns. It’s important that you don’t include items that don’t coordinate with the other items in your closet. 


  • Include only the items you truly love

Having it all doesn’t require owning it all. Do you have tons of graphic shirts but really only wear three or four of them in a week? All the extra items in your closet that you don’t love or wear are taking up valuable space, and it’s time to remove them from your wardrobe. 

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So take a look at your closet and ask yourself these questions: How many times have I worn this in the last year? Does this fit in with my lifestyle? Does this article of clothing make me feel confident? Once you’ve sorted that out, you’re now ready to declutter your closet so you could only wear your favorite things every day.


  • Be mindful of trends and shop intentionally

Once you’ve started creating and building your capsule wardrobe, create a wishlist of the missing pieces of your collection and shop intentionally. Don’t let the sales get to you and think about the latest fashion craze on social media—remember that trends will come and go.

The next time you walk into a store, consult on your wishlist and don’t let the mannequins define your style and preferences. Cut the bandwagon lifestyle by being loyal to your unique style instead of being swayed by the ever-changing fast trends, but don’t worry—it’s totally fine if you succumb to a fashion craze every once in a while. You can still incorporate trendy items into your wardrobe as long as they make you feel comfortable and confident. Remember: A capsule wardrobe is all about having a closet full of items you’ll love to wear again.

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