What You Need to Do When Starting a New Business, According to this Independent Label's Creative Director

Because turning your dreams into reality is not impossible.
by Janelle Yau   |  Jun 3, 2017
Image: Weave | instagram.com/weavephl
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These days, starting up an online store is nothing new anymore, but being able to turn your online brand into a physical store shoppers can enter whenever they want—that is the ultimate dream of any brand—which is exactly what Weave managed to do when they opened up their very first boutique in Uptown Mall in BGC. Read on as their Creative Director Brit Romero shares with us what Weave is all about and how you can get started, too!

Why Weave? "Weave decided to focus on selling ready-to-wear clothing because we wanted to offer clothing that women can comfortably use every day and make her feel effortlessly beautiful at the same time."

Creative Director. "It is challenging to be Weave's Creative Director, yet very fulfilling at the same time. Seeing your customers feel beautiful while wearing your designs takes all the stress away and makes you want to create more to make more people feel good about themselves."

Drawing inspiration. "I draw a lot of inspiration from architectural shapes and patterns. Like any architectural structure, the design has to last. It has to look appealing for the next generations to see. Same as Weave's clothing. Weave creates minimalist designs that we'd like our customers to continually use for many years."


Little challenges. "Every time I finish a whole collection, I am always faced by the question of "What’s next?" That will be the challenge that I will continually face, but would gladly fulfill any day."

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Staying original. "We offer ready-to-wear clothing that was made and designed meticulously in our own production house. Similar to the design process of haute couture, each product we have started with a sketch, the right material is sourced and tested, and the idea is then weaved into the best material we can find to transform the concept into a tangible reality. Each product goes through a rigorous process before it is displayed in our store shelves to ensure customers get a well-made product. With our hand-picked and experienced production team, we are able to offer new items to customers faster. Our items are made at a limited volume as well to encourage the introduction of new items more often and at the same time maintain exclusivity."


What's next? "Weave is focusing on expanding our product line up and marketing the brand to reach as many people as we can, both online and offline."

Entrepreneurial philosophy. "An entrepreneurial venture is definitely a risk. The only way to know if it will work is if you actually do it. If you are confident with your idea, go for it and make it work."


Learn by doing.

To young budding entrepreneurs. "Trust yourself in making your dreams into reality. Continue being persistent in believing that you can achieve great things because no matter how it turns out to be, it will definitely be an experience worth learning from."

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