This Couple Left Their Jobs to Start Their Own Clothing Line

You don't need to be rich to start a business.
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 12, 2017
Image: Jeff Ong, Rhea Bue Art: Clare Magno
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Jeff Ong and Rhea Bue are both 20-somethings who are very passionate in so many ways. They both have a mutual love and taste for fashion, which pushed them to start their own clothing line. Leaving their regular jobs, this duo aimed to turn their dreams into reality with Twenteeyet. Read on to know how this couple started their biz!

How it started. "Twenteeyet came to life at the time when Jeff and I were just casually browsing for some shoot pegs for a client. It started from a normal sharing of our thoughts on the pegs, which developed into a serious brainstorming for a business plan for a shirt line we've both dreamt off."

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Why Twenteeyet? "When it comes to tees in general, we both realized how hard it was to find the perfect loose, tall fit, and 100% cotton made shirts. Before starting the business, we asked for opinions from our friends with different personalities to make sure we tailored to fit our shirts according to the feedbacks we got from them."


Aesthetic. "We are both very inspired by creative minimalism. For our brand's aesthetic, we just want everything to look clean but definitely not boring. So we made sure we added a lot of creative twists to it."

Young entrepreneur. "Surprisingly, we both think that being a young entrepreneur is not hard. As long as you’re very passionate about what you do and you really love what you’re doing, everything else will follow."


Drawing inspiration. "We are both inspired by the different types of people we meet in our lives and we believe that different colors match certain personalities. So for our initial shirt colors, we released the following:

SUN (golden yellow) which was based on all the happiness that we got from the people around us. Hence, we believe that brighter colors like yellow are perfect for the happy people.


SAND (nude) as our neutral shade, Jeff and I thought that Sand would be the perfect color to cater those who want to be on the safe side of styling their everyday look.

MOSS (army green) is the darker or stronger color in our Prime collection. It speaks more of those who are adventurous and independent."

Best kind of partnership. "My boyfriend Jeff and I work together for Twenteeyet. As a start-up, Jeff and I are really hands-on with our business. Since Jeff has great skills on graphics and photography, he's in charge of our shoots, branding, and marketing materials for Twenteeyet. As for me, I handle all the social media pages and plan the ads and content for our business. I used all my knowledge in Marketing and PR from previous experiences and applied it to my own brand now. Since we both have the same interests and taste, work came really easy for the both of us."


Little challenges. "Probably the only challenge we both experienced was scouting for the best supplier that could meet our demands. Personally speaking, Jeff and I are really easy to please, but when it came down to our own business, we made sure we picked the right supplier. We believe that the right materials for your products would reflect what your brand is."


Staying original. "We can safely say that our brand really focuses on the quality and affordability of the shirts we release. We value our customers' money and as much as possible we want to give them something that would definitely last long."

What’s next? "We're definitely planning to release more shirts in the future and hopefully bring in new products aside from shirts for Twenteeyet."


Entrepreneurial philosophy.

"You don't need to be rich to start a business. You can start your own business with the right mindset, passion, and discipline."

To young budding entrepreneurs. "Our advice to budding entrepreneurs is to study your market well and always look for ways to make your business different and sought after."


Know any young entrepreneurs? Leave a comment below and you just might see them on the site next week!

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