How I Started: Mix Supetran Label

by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 21, 2016
Image: Mix Supetran Label | ART Clare Magno
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If you're a huge Nadine Lustre fan, you've probably heard of Mix Supetran because this former Correspondent created a jaw-dropping top for Naddie's ASAP guesting before. We shared with you how you can own a piece similar to Naddie's cool top. Now, we're sharing with you how this talented young designer started her own label, Mix Supetran Label.

When it started. "Mix Supetran Label started in 2015."

How it started. "My first collection was for my graduation fashion show where we had the chance to showcase three of our own designs. I had two more terms in school, but people started to notice my work and finally had clients who wanted their garments designed and made by me. After all the positive feedback that I got, I decided to make it my official "brand" for my made-to-order and custom-made gowns."


Why Mix Supetran Label? "I love couture dresses and evening gowns! Even as a student, I tend to become more excited when our projects delve into making gowns and beaded dresses. My classmates would tell me that I was good at beading, so I decided to practice it more. Since then, most of my creations are intricate and detailed. And one thing I love about formal wear is that it is more personal and you get to connect with your clients more."

Young entrepreneur. "Being a young entrepreneur is actually hard. I started the label as a student so I barely had experience in the industry. I didn't have any knowledge in running a business in fashion, and of course, I had limited time as well. Sometimes I had clients who would want to meet up, but because I had to attend my classes we weren't able to push through with it. Personally, I had to learn through trial and error. And up until now, I am still learning."

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Drawing inspiration. "My clients serve as my inspiration to explore the depth of the industry. Essentially, I think my creations have always been for the clients, however I always make sure it has a hint of 'me' in it, too."

Flying solo. "Running the business on my own was hard because I didn't have any experience when I first started the brand. I had to learn about the business the hard way, and started from the bottom, too. The only thing that keeps me going is that I love what I do. I guess I am one of the lucky ones since I am able to do what I love instead of learning to love what I do. My parents also help me out in whatever way they can as well. I'm lucky to have them as my mentors."


Little challenges. "There was a time when clients doubted my skills and capabilities because I was relatively younger as opposed to those in my field. However I did not let this affect my work and simply shrugged it off."

Staying original. "I think what makes my brand unique is that I always treat my clients as my top priority. My creations are made to create flattering pieces that caters to every women, but at the same time, I stay true to what the client wants. My clientele serve as my inspiration to create beautiful pieces and make sure my muses look and feel beautiful in my creations."

What's next? "I am launching a brand new line which is Silhouette by Mix Supetran in September. It is my loungewear and lingerie line which I've been working on for months now and I am really excited to share it with others."


To budding young entrepreneurs. "The only advice I can give to budding young entrepreneurs is to never treat mistakes as a failure, instead you should treat it as a lesson. Mistakes are inevitable most especially to young entrepreneurs, but never let that stop you."

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