This Young Entrep Shares Her Secret to Making It in the Fashion Industry

by Janelle Yau   |  Jun 10, 2017
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Starting up an accessory line is no easy feat, but turning a brand into a lifestyle is an even greater challenge. But for Krizia Jimenez, forming a lifestyle brand in Antler is the only way to go. After all, accessories aren't just another fashion piece, it has the power to redefine an entire outfit. Find out how she started her brand when she was just 19 years old. Because age is just a number not just in relationships, but businesses, too right?

Who started it. It's funny because I like to keep a low profile and don't normally tell people who's behind Antler, but to be formal, it's me Krizia Jimenez.

Who I was when I started it. I was only getting the hang of being in college when I created Antler. I was around 19 years old then.


How it stared. I officially started the accessories line Antler in 2011 once my after school obsession parlayed into my own line of accessories. It was purely by accident. Very organic. It was something that I would lose myself in, which was a big plus. So when I decided to make it part of my career, everything changed.

Why Antler? To me it's not just accessories, but a lifestyle. Antler accessories aren't just pieces of jewelry to be looked at. They come from somewhere. Each material in the Antler collections are handpicked to construct and produced with the highest attention to detail. I envisage my pieces being worn not only by the hip and daring but also by the refined. I believe that accessories have the power to define an outfit. I want people to not be afraid to layer, stack, and display their impeccable sense of style with Antler's scene stealing creations. I want them to try on something and see how it makes them feel—no matter who you are. 

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The look. It is sub-culturally inspired and aesthetically independent.

Young entrepreneur. Being a young entrepreneur is definitely both hard and not at the same time. Entrepreneurship is straining, challenging, and sometimes full of tears, but at the end of the day, I love what I do, which makes it all worth it.


Choosing the theme. I try to make it fashion forward as possible, Antler endeavors to seek a new style perspective, intertwining new concepts with unique style choices. It showcases individuality and is more inclined to assimilate trends into its styles than slavishly follow fashion trends. I try to create one-of-a-kind pieces combined with a hint of femininity and edges that ranges from headpieces to body chains and everything in between. 

Drawing inspiration. I try to take inspiration everywhere. I know it sounds cliché, but I really do try? I try to not only look for it. I remind myself to sniff it out and stay hungry.

Flying solo. It would be inhuman not to at least experience hardship in a business. Success is not easy and certainly not for the lazy. Gotta admit, I have to kick myself sometimes. It's tough, it involves a lot of determination, self-motivation and hard work, but it's all worth it.  


Little challenges. Not running out of ideas and having to constantly come up with new creations is definitely part of all the challenge. The need to produce and create quality products that aren't seen in the market, but are also wearable and unique is quite hard, too.

Staying original. Antler accessories are different and are defiant of the status quo without being obnoxious in its rebelliousness. Wearing a piece of Antler jewelry is like wearing a story on your body. With every piece I always try to define good design, put in form of thought while making it seem effortless. I inform my customers of its raw ingredients, where it comes from and the good karma it should bring.

What's next? I will take on what the business can handle when it can handle it. Antler has been on hiatus for the past year and a half, mainly because I would like to further push its boundaries. By allowing it time to grow I will be able and would like people to see more of my perspective of the business, how I look at it or how I want it to look like. Not only do I want it to imbue good design but also quality materials.  Therefore, as Antler re-launches later this year, we hope to further improve our customer’s experience and create a proper platform that could speak to people locally and internationally.


Entrepreneurial philosophy. Remember to not only consider the aesthetics of an object, but how that object comes to be—down to its growth and the production of it. Always create in hope that someone out there will appreciate and connect with the same colors you represent.

Some things, simple or grand can take years but it all becomes reality if you want it to happen.

To young budding entrepreneurs. Simply just try to step out and breathe. And try not to compare yourself to other designers or works. Remind yourself to keep going at it. No matter what. Strip away the excess and keep only what draws you in. 

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