Cool! This Local Instagram Shop Sells Celeb-Approved Corsets Made From Flour Sacks

by Raisa de los Reyes   |  May 11, 2023
Image: Instagram/hello.habi
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Fast fashion is the process of mass-producing clothing at a low cost, catering to the current demands and trends of the market. While popular clothing stores like H&M, Uniqlo, and Forever 21, practice this, its effects can be detrimental to the environment because all the unsold clothes will be disposed of in landfills or incinerated. However, you can contribute to preventing environmental degradation by purchasing from sustainable clothing brands like Hello Habi.

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Established in 2020, this start-up business is an advocacy brand that started on Instagram. They aim to contribute to sustainability by utilizing eco-friendly resources and recycling used textiles like old denim garments and flour sacks for their products. In a nutshell, Hello Habi aspires to be a business that opposes fast fashion. Aside from advocating for ethical and sustainable fashion, the brand properly compensates their garment laborers with fair wages and good working conditions.


Fun fact: "Habi" was taken from the Tagalog word “habilin,” which can be translated to “given to someone in trust and safekeeping.” Because the textile is delicate and requires care, the brand hopes that their customers will sustain the quality of the clothing accordingly. 

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Their two current collections are all locally sourced in the Philippines and are made from upcycled flour sacks. Their first collection is known as the Harina collection. They only produce two garments under this collection, the Republic and the Majestic Halter tops.  

The Majestic Halter top has a cropped fit, making it the perfect top to pair with high-waisted denim jeans. It is double lined so you can wear it without worrying about the kind of bra to use. This halter top is tied around the neck and at the back so you can adjust according to your preference. 

The Republic Halter top is similar to the Majestic one, the only difference being the design of the shirt itself. On the Republic Halter, there is a sun and three stars closely resembling the Philippine flag.


Hello Habi Republic Halter & Majestic Halter, Php 750, Available on

Their second collection, the Supernova, retains the same silhouettes from their previous Harina and Denim Digest collections that have been discontinued. They create four pieces in this collection: the Rigel Multi-way Corset, the Stargazer Corset , and the Superstar Halter.

The Rigel Multi-way Corset has a slimming silhouette to snatch your waistline. Having multiple straps, this top can become a halter top or a corset shirt with a ribbon at the front. You can wear this with denim jeans or high-waisted shorts. This corset can be used for any occasion  as well, may it be a crazy night out with friends or a spontaneous trip to the beach. 


Hello Habi Rigel Multi-way Corset, Php 1,450, Available on

The Stargazer Corset was created out of inspiration from the Stargazer lily. This top comes with a choker, which can be styled as a necklace or as a waist belt. Unlike the Rigel Multi-way Corset, this does not have any straps. However, you can adjust the tightness of the top with the strings at the back. 


Hello Habi Stargazer Corset, Php 1,350, Available on

Just like its name suggests, the Superstar Halter shirt is etched with two big stars made out of denim. The frayed neck strap is patterned from a recycled denim fabric. However, you may request for a specific shade of denim if you wish to do so. As the website claims, you’re guaranteed to feel like a superstar while wearing  this top.


Hello Habi Superstar Halter, Php 1,150, Available on

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