Finding The Right Bra For You

When it comes to underwear, how do you know you're using the right one for what you're wearing outside?
  |  May 16, 2013
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First thing's first, make sure you've got the right measurement! How do you do that? Take a tape measure and get the measurements for the lowest part of the bust line and the peak of the bust. Once you've got these two measurements, you'll be able to determine your bra size by getting the difference between the two values. Look at this handy chart to figure out your size:

Under Bust  Size (cm)

(-2cm +2cm allowance)

Cup Size Top Bust & Under Bust Measurement
(-1cm  or +1cm allowance)
70 (68,69) 70 (71,72) A (9) 10 (11)
75 (73,74) 75 (76,77) B (11.5) 12.5 (13.5)
80 (78,79) 80 (81,82) C (14) 15 (16)
85 (83,84) 85 (86,87) D (16.5) 17.5 (18.5)
90 (88,89) 90 (91,92) E (19) 20 (21)
95 (93,94) 95 (97,98)    

So for example:

Top bust 87 cm
Under bust 77 cm = 75
Under bust difference 10 cm = A
Bra size: 75A

Check out the gallery for different types of bras you can use depending on what you're wearing.

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