6 Fashion Items You Don't Need In College

by Karen Francisco   |  Mar 31, 2017
Image: Kendall Jenner | instagram.com/kendalljenner
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Heading off to college and starting off a new chapter in your life can be daunting, but it could also be pretty exciting since this is when you'll get to know yourself a little bit better. Your taste will differ and your style will completely change. In short, your college wardrobe will be a completely different ball game now. Get ready to leave some old clothes behind and know which fashion items you totally don't need for college!

Band merch

We know you love your favorite artist or band, but you don't need to wear their merchandise when you're in college because it's time to experiment with new clothing. You can still wear it minimally, but hopefully it's not the one that has your favorite artist's face on the entire T-shirt.

Worn out flip-flops

Some colleges may allow flip-flops in school, but it's probably time to retire your old flip-flops and trade them in for some sandals or flats. Flip-flops are ultra comfortable, but it will give others or maybe even your professor the impression that you can't be bothered to put on some presentable shoes for college.


Bright, colored jeans

Your college outfits will probably last you either a year or the entire four years you'll be staying at your university, so it's time to invest in a good pair of jeans and not bright colored ones that won't even last you a year in college.

Eccentric shorts

Taking the lead from bright colored jeans, it's also probably best if you ditch your eccentric shorts as well. If your shorts have more than one color or pattern in them, it's best to leave them behind and get yourself some denim or plain shorts that would better match your outfits.

High school tees

College is all about embracing this new university and culture that you're in. You can still show off your school spirit with your new university shirts and not your old high school tees. You could still wear them once in a while, but remember, you've probably worn them enough during your four years of high school.

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Cartoon-related clothing

This should go without saying that any article of clothing that you may have that involves cartoons, is not what you need in college. We wouldn't want our inner kid in us to completely go away, but maybe it's best if we just kept it low-key. 

What's the one thing you cannot swear off even in college? 

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