Fashion Dos and Don'ts for the Tall Girl

Show off your height!
by Kaye Serrano   |  Jan 4, 2017
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Being trendy and dressing according to your body type plays a huge role in putting together fashionable OOTDs. And for the taller Candy Girls, we get that searching for pieces that perfectly fits your long body can be difficult—especially in the Philippines, where petite gals rule. To help you out with your fashion dilemma, we're listing down the fashion dos and don'ts for the tall girl. So scroll down and be on your way to a fashionable year.

Do! Study your body type. Some tall girls have longer torsos while the others have longer limbs. Knowing your body is half the battle of dressing up in style. So, the more you know about your body the easier it will be to choose different tops and bottoms that will compliment your figure.

Do not! Be overly conscious about your height. Your height's a gift, Candy Girls! You can reach the jars in the cupboard easily and you don't have to worry about not seeing your favorite band perform on the stage because of your amazing height. Every body is beautiful and that includes yours!


Do! Play with different types of jeans. Different types of jeans aren't just for the sake of fashion, they accentuate different body parts, too! If you want to accentuate your torso, opt for a pair of low rise jeans and wear it with a casual polo shirt or a cute halter top to show off your height.

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Do not! Pair a long top with a long bottom. Wearing a long top with an equally long pair of bottoms will wear your figure down and make you look bulkier than usual. Balance is key!

Do! Wear heels. A lot of tall girls tend to shy away from wearing a pair of high heels because of their height. We say, a pair of high heels are not just for a quick boost of height. They're perfect for upping the ante of your OOTDs and packing a confident and fashionable punch, too!


Have any fashion tips to share with us, Candy Girls?

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