Fashion Dos And Don'ts For The Athletic Girl

Embrace your athletic bod!
by Janelle Yau   |  Nov 24, 2016
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Being trendy is easy. You just have to welcome new fashion trends, incorporate them to your OOTDs and you're good to go. But while trying out new trends is undoubtedly fun, bona fide fashion girls know that dressing for your body type to create on-point outfits is way more important than simply following trends.

Athletic girls are usually slim and fit, but that doesn't mean that dressing an athletic body is already an easy feat. In fact, some athletic girls find it challenging to dress up femininely because of their strong build. To make sure that you're not just putting together fashionable outfits, but are creating OOTDs that are flattering for your body type, too, we're sharing with you the basic fashion dos and don'ts every athletic girl should know.  

Do! Stock up on round neck tees. A V-neck tee is a no-fail top that can make one look slimmer in a snap. But a V-neck top isn't always flattering—especially for girls with a broad set of shoulders. Downplay your broad shoulders and opt for a classic round neck cut instead!


Don't! Be afraid to try feminine pieces. Athletic girls usually skip pieces with feminine details like florals and ruffles because they think that it goes against their masculine built. But you don't want to avoid these pieces, athletic Candy Girls because these girly details are perfect to balance out your strong build without breaking a sweat.

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Do! Belt it. While athletic girls may be slim and fit, they usually lack curves, which is known for adding an instant dose of femininity to any girl. Ditch your usual loose and comfy style, grab a striking belt and add it to your style equation for the day. A belt doesn't just add the right amount of oomph to your look, it also cinches, and defines your waist in a snap!

Don't Go for masculine shoe styles. There's no doubt that tough boots are edgy and fashionable, but masculine shoe styles give more emphasis to a masculine build, and can make one look heavier than usual, too. Opt for a strappy heel instead for a dainty, but just as fashionable footwear.


Do! Avoid small and thin straps. While camis and tanks are the usual go-to pieces for days when you're too lazy to put together an outfit, the thin straps won't flatter your strong build well. Go for a trendy bardot top instead! It's just as comfy as your trusty camis and it's feminine cut is perfect for your athletic build, too.

Don't Overthink it. So long as you feel comfortable, and most-importantly, confident in what you're wearing, strut your go-to heels in style!

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