Style Files: Eunice Chua

Discover her personal style, her style icons, and her favorite accessories by browsing through her looks!
  |  Jun 24, 2012
photos and captions courtesy of Eunice Chua
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Name Eunice Janelle L. Chua
Age 19
Hometown Manila
School De La Salle University

Own style. Hmmm. I just simply mix and match! :-) I love creating new styles of my own.
Where she shops. F21 has always been my number 1 when it comes to high quality products,  but it really depends though. Whenever I see something nice, even if it's in bazaars or tiangges, I really don't hesitate to buy them!
Style icons. Fashion bloggers like Camille Co and Laureen Uy. They're just simply the best! They inspire me!
Influencer. Fashion blogs! I always look up what they're wearing and the latest trends in fashion. My school also influences me a lot—how the Lasallians dress up!
In her closet. I'm more likely to have shades of pastel in my closet! You'll rarely find dark ones when you get to see my closet :)
Playing favorites. Earrings and watch! My everyday accessory.
Never! Hanging top and short shorts! Especially in school haha!
A trend return. Colored pants! That really made a big impact in the fashion industry way back years ago. I wish they could have it more. I can still see them in some stores.
Best bargain buy. I usually shop at tiangges/bazaars/Greenhills. When I shop, I usually buy the things that I wear from top to bottom! So I just shop and shop and thinking that it may really cost expensive but then I just paid for less that a thousand for all the things that I buy. Best bargain buy, indeed.
Vintage treasure. I have a lot of bags that came from my grandmother. I rarely use them because I just them to be part of my vintage collections. This what I called my treasures :)


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