Embarrassing Moments Happen To Models, Too!

  |  Jul 14, 2010
compiled by Marla Miniano and Clara Roxas
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  1. French Stench
    Once, I jokingly made fun of a man in an elevator because of his funky smell. I commented in French since I figured he didn’t speak the language. Little did I know that he worked at the French embassy and knew my family! He gave me a piercing look as he left the elevator. I was humiliated, and since then, I swore to simply keep my mouth shut!  —Stephanie Kienle
  2. Rain Dance
    I was walking towards our gate and it had just rained, so the pavement was quite slippery. I lost my poise for a bit and almost fell on a puddle! Good thing I was quick on my foot so not a lot of people saw it! —Noelle Hernandez
  3. What a Heel!
    I was walking with a friend down our school’s corridor (where a lot of students hang out) when SNAP! The heel of my shoe broke! It was such a Mentos moment! I just smiled, bent over, picked up the heel, and tiptoed my way to the classroom. Good thing I had PE class that day, so I was able to change into my gym shoes afterwards! —Bubbles Paraiso
  4. Peep Show
    I was walking around the open area of Greenbelt when my frilly mini skirt flew up with the strong breeze! I was so embarrassed that I didn’t even want to check whether anyone was looking. I’m sure people were! —Georgina Wilson
  5. Air Raid
    I was on vacation at a small island near Adelaide with my best friend, Ann. I got a cup of hot chips from a covered canteen area and walked over to her out in the open. As soon as I stepped out, I was attacked by about 20 seagulls trying to steal chips right out of my hand! I frantically ran back to the canteen area and turned around to see Ann, along with a big group of Japanese tourists, almost crying from laughter. Definitely not my most dignified moment! —Maike Evers
  6. Worst Foot Forward
    Once, when I was in high school, I woke up later than usual. I hurriedly got dressed, grabbed my bag, and rushed to school. When I got there, I hopped out of the car, only to realize that... I had forgotten to wear my socks! I looked ridiculous, but it was already too late because by that time, my car had already left. —Anielle Santos
  7. Mom’s the Word!
    I was at a shop in ATC and I was making lambing to my mom, hugging her from the back.

    After around two minutes, she asked me if this shirt she was checking out was nice. Her voice sounded different, and it turned out the lady wasn’t my mom! The funny thing was she also thought I was her daughter! —Klaire Yapyuco

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