These Tips Will Help You Dress Up Safely and Still Feel Like Yourself

Dress up stylishly but responsibly.
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Sep 11, 2020
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For some households, a chosen family member is dubbed as the "quarantine tribute," inspired by the concept of drawing Tributes in The Hunger Games. The said tributes are tasked to go back to the outside world to perform errands such as going to the groceries to restock.

Whether you like it or not, you'll have to gear up and prep yourself as the Katniss or Peeta of your family. Although it's a good opportunity to finally wear outside clothes again, there are still a few precautions to take to make sure you don't accidentally bring the virus back home. Below, a few tips on dressing up stylishly but responsibly:

Skip the jewelry.

There are studies that say SARS-CoV-2 can remain viable for at least 72 hours on surfaces made of stainless steel and plastic and for at least four hours on surfaces made of copper. So if you have to head out, it’s best to leave your stack of rings at home, especially if they’re made of these materials. Not only will it make you less likely to carry the virus back home, but it also saves you from having to disinfect and possibly damage your accessories.


On the other hand, earrings and necklaces may be relatively safe to wear, as long as you remember not to touch them avoid contamination.

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Assign a pair of footwear as your “quarantine tribute.”

Putting our precious collection of sneakers on rotation whenever we have to go to the groceries might not be the best idea to run with while a pandemic is at its peak. Droplets may stick onto floors, which may consequently be picked up by our shoes. 

There is still a lack of research regarding the viability of the virus on shoes, but it’s better to play it safe. Every time you have to head out, it’s best to use the same pair of footwear you can easily disinfect and leave outside of the house (which is something you ~probably~ wouldn’t willingly do with your beautiful white kicks).


Dress for comfort.

Not much has been confirmed about contamination through clothes, but there is one study which says that the virus can be detected on cloth for up to two days. While it initially sounds logical to cover up and wear long sleeves when you're out to shield yourself from the virus, MIT Medical claims that just getting the virus on your skin isn't enough to make you sick (it has to come into contact with your mucus membranes). Bottom line, it's okay not to wear sleeves as it won't put you more at risk of getting the virus. And given the relatively warm weather in the country, long sleeves aren't always the best option.

Instead, try to dress comfortably. Bust out your collection of graphic tees and constantly disinfect your arms and hands to be safe. Lastly, don't forget your face masks and face shields, otherwise you won't be able to enter commercial establishments.



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