DIY: Tape Charm

Turn that music paraphernalia into a necklace charm right now!
by Zemirah   |  Oct 29, 2008
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Though we now mostly use iPods and MP3s to listen to music, the cassette tape is a music icon that will never go out of style! Come to think of it, even in it's plain state, a tape will look more trendy and cool as compared to a CD.

Images of the cassette tape have turned up as designs in numerous in graphic tees. Why not turn this music paraphernalia into a necklace charm that is uniquely yours?

- mini-cassette (can be bought in bookstores)
- chain
- metal ring
- sticker paper
- markers/ pens
- pliers
- scissors/cutter

Step 1: Peel of the sticker from the tape, and attach it to the backside of the sticker paper. Cut out a new sticker.

Step 2: Find a hole in the cassette tape and use the metal ring to attach this to your chain.
You can already use this as is! But if you want add more color to your necklace, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Attach the plain sticker you cut out, and start designing it. For this project I opted to use a pink marker and a black sign pen. I wanted something punky yet girly, hence the black and white stripes!

You can also use paint, colored paper, or even stickers if you prefer. There's just no limit to the materials you can use.

Step 4: Embellish the necklace. I added a star charm and a pink bead (both from an old necklace) to add a little extra to the chain.

Step 5: Let the ink dry! Afterwards, you can already wear the necklace out.

You can make multiple designs for both sides of the tape. Depending on the sticker paper, you can just peel it off and change it with a new one!

You can even make a barkada necklace out of this. A different design for a different personality. You can each design one that is definitely and uniquely your own!

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